Celebrating Technology and Innovation Today and Exploring What Lies Ahead

CompTIA PTI recognizes technology excellence in local government with the presentation of the annual Solutions awards. CompTIA PTI member governments will be recognized for their use of technology over the past year to address community engagement, bolster cybersecurity, and improve government services.

Then, we move to the "Metaverse" and talk with Lena Geraghty with the National League of Cities. Lena is the author of "Cities and the Metaverse", a recent report issued byfrom NLC that provides local leaders a primer on what the metaverse is, how they can engage with it and what the future of municipal government might look like with this technology. As the technology evolves, local leaders - and IT executives - have an exciting opportunity to play a part in how the metaverse comes to be.


Lena Geraghty, Director, Sustainability & Innovation, Center for City Solutions, National League of Cities

Alan Shark, Vice President Public Sector, Executive Director, CompTIA Public Technology Institute

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