Marisa Warren

Marisa Warren is commercially savvy, passionate and highly charismatic global channels executive, social entrepreneur and speaker. With 18+ years experience working for companies such as SAP, Microsoft, Workday and in the Channel. Marisa has helped partners across North America, Australia, Asia, and Europe to build high performance sales and marketing teams, accelerate growth and transition to new business models.

Marisa’s extensive channels experience provides her with a 360-degree appreciation of the entire partner lifecycle, from inception to exit, and the fundamentals required to successfully build and scale a volume channel business. Combined with a successful sales and marketing track record selling direct through and to the channel, Marisa has helped her partners decrease sales cycles from 9 to 3 months, improve sales conversions to 1 in 3, and build internal capability for self-sufficient channel businesses.

As principal of the Microsoft Partner Development Centre for Australia and Southeast Asia, Marisa was responsible for building the business from concept to operational. Marisa’s efforts resulted in customer acquisition targets exceeding 230%, and the Microsoft Global Best Practice award.

Whilst at SAP Marisa conceptualized and built the SAP Partner Sales Academy from idea to operational. The Sales Academy is a program designed to help partners source, train and deploy SAP qualified and revenue ready sales people into the channel. Marisa’s efforts resulted in an SAP Innovation Excellence Award.

New York 2014, Marisa founded ELEVACAO Foundation, empowering women tech entrepreneurs to build and launch successful businesses. The Sydney chapter will be launched in May 2016.