Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson Tim has over thirty years experience within the sales environment as a sales person, a sales manager, a sales director and as a mentor and coach.
He has ran sales teams as a sales director within the IT sector as both a direct reseller and as a VAR.

He has developed accredited training programmes to support commercial sales in a number of areas including IT, professional services and consultancy and most recently worked with the Skills CFA to realign the Occupational Standards for sales that are to updated later in 2014.

Tim’s main area of expertise has been developed over several years using work based development methods, combined with senior level coaching and mentoring to help deliver change in organisations ranging from IT, professional practices, public sector and the third sector where commercial skills and customer services have been central to organisation change and performance improvement.

He has a passion for people development but as a seasoned business person realises the importance of combining individual development and improvement to the needs of the business and as such has an ability to work and communicate throughout the various levels of hierarchy in an organisation.

Tim provides business improvement services to a number of organisations through a variety of methods that include, business coaching and mentoring, organisational marketing and sales alignment, busi- ness planning, senior management development, sales team development services.

Tim has worked with a number of organisations in helping them develop their own in house training pro- grammes into accredited learning academies and works in partnership with the ISMM as the award body within the UK for sales qualifications.