About IT Pro Day

Whether you’re looking to get your foot in the door in IT or have been a hotshot in the industry for years, you should definitely check out CompTIA’s new and exciting virtual event – IT Pro Day, December 7, 2016. You can attend any or all of this free, day-long event – designed specifically with you in mind – from the comfort of your home or office. Participate in four informative and educational one-hour sessions covering topics based on:

  • Infrastructure.
  • Development.
  • Security.
  • Data.

Meet the CompTIA team, including CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux, subject matter expert James Stanger and many more who work tirelessly behind the scenes on your behalf. These are people you need to know! If all that isn’t motivation enough, there’s an added bonus; you can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) towards CompTIA certification renewal by attending these sessions. Each session is valid for one CEU. And there’ll be prizes, so stay tuned!

IT Pro Day Agenda

Links to view on-demand videos from IT Pro Day are available in session descriptions. For CompTIA certification holders, the links allow you to register for each CEU session to receive an attendance confirmation email the following week, once we verify you viewed the full session. You may use this email and the session description to manually apply the CEU to your certification account.

  • 1020

    IT Pro Day Kick-Off with Kelly Ricker, Host Seth Robinson and Keynote with CompTIA President and CEO Todd Thibodeaux

    Duration: 40 minutes.

    Click here to view the video

    Hear about the exciting new programs CompTIA has in the works for IT pros. Find out how they can help you advance your career and how to get involved.

  • 1100

    Visualizing Security Trends on the Network

    Duration: 1 hour.

    Click here to view the video

    Learn ways to capture, organize and visualize security events on your network so you can contribute meaningfully to risk analysis. Your manager is going to look for easy-to-read statistics and actionable information. Hear about essential steps, as well as essential tools to help you provide meaningful, actionable information. We’ll focus on technical steps, as well as procedural steps vital to securing today’s IT environments.

    CEU-Approved for CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Cloud+ and CASP recertification.

    Presenter: James Stanger, Senior Director, Products, CompTIA

    Download the presentation materials

  • 1200

    CompTIA News and Updates with Miles Jobgen

    Duration: 15 minutes.

    Click here to view the video

    Get to know CompTIA. Hear an update on CertMaster and how it links to continuing education for ITPros. Get career and industry advice, including the latest on soft-skills courses, job boards, and other career resources.

  • 1215

    ITIL for the Front Line IT Professional

    Duration: 1 hour.

    Click here to view the video

    What is the IT Infrastructure Library? Hear an overview of ITIL and how it relates to the day-to-day work of front line IT professionals. Learn about the importance of classifying incidents and problems, as well as trying to demystify the processes that usually frustrate the IT pros trying to get the work done. Hear about the components of the service lifecycle and how it impacts you.

    CEU-Approved for CompTIA A+, Network+ and Cloud+ recertification.

    Presenter: Tim Niles, Technical Delivery Manager, RIIS LLC

    Download the presentation materials

  • 115

    CompTIA News and Updates: GuessIT Gameshow with Mile Jobgen

    Duration: 15 minutes.

    Click here to view the video

    Join us for some fun with CompTIA’s own IT pros. We’ll go over sample exam questions and other tidbits to keep you informed.

  • 130

    Security Analytics: Tools of the Trade

    Duration: 1 hour.

    Click here to view the video

    As attackers have learned to evade traditional signature-based solutions such as firewalls and anti-virus software, an analytics-based approach has become extremely important. Security analysts apply behavioral analytics to network traffic to improve the overall state of IT security. Learn about common open source tools used to implement security analytics.

    CEU-Approved for CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Cloud+ and CASP recertification.

    Presenter: Patrick Lane, Senior Manager, Product Development, CompTIA

    Download the presentation materials

  • 230

    CompTIA Certification News and Updates with Miles Jobgen

    Duration: 15 minutes.

    Click here to view the video

    Meet the CompTIA people who do the behind the scenes work in developing certification exams. Also, learn about CompTIA’s newest certification – CSA+ and the security path.

  • 245

    Cloud vs. Enterprise: Impact of Today’s Approaches to Providing Services

    Duration: 1 hour.

    Click here to view the video

    Learn about the benefits and drawbacks to cloud services, as well as on-premise applications and services. We’ll cover information about security, access and initial costs plus yearly support models. Discuss real-world projects, including a recent ERP system implementation and a migration project from an e-commerce platform to a major cloud provider. Hear research-based statistics to validate the pros and cons of each method.

    CEU-Approved for CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+ and Cloud+ recertification.

    Presenter: Phil Norton, Systems Analyst III, Sourcebooks, Inc. and CompTIA Governance Committee/Subject Matter Expert

    Download the presentation materials

  • 345

    IT Pro Day Wrap-up with Host Seth Robinson

    Duration: 15 minutes.

    Click here to view the video

Our speakers

Learn more about our IT Pro Day speakers!

Speaker 1

Todd Thibodeaux

is president and CEO of CompTIA.

Speaker 2

James Stanger

is senior director, product development, skills certification at CompTIA.

Speaker 3

Seth Robinson

is senior director, technology analysis, market research at CompTIA.

Speaker 4

Miles Jobgen

is director, education, at CompTIA.

Speaker 5

Patrick Lane

is Senior Manager, Product Development at CompTIA

Speaker 6

Tim Niles

Technical Delivery Manager, RIIS LLC

Speaker 7

Phil Norton

Systems Analyst III, Sourcebooks, Inc

FAQs and Troubleshooting

  • How many CEUs can I receive for watching a CompTIA IT Pro Day?

    You can receive one (1) CEU per one-hour session. Check agenda for which sessions qualify for specific certification CEUs. Please note the following limits on the amount of CEUs that can be earned within a three-year cycle for webinars:

    CompTIA A+ 4 CEUs
    CompTIA Network+ 6 CEUs
    CompTIA Security+ 10 CEUs
    CompTIA Cloud+ 10 CEUs
    CASP 20 CEUs
  • Can CompTIA apply the CEU credits for me?

    If you enter your CompTIA certification ID number and the certifications you hold when you log in or update your profile with this information at some point during the event, we will apply your CEU credits when we verify that you attended the full session(s).

  • How long does it take for my CEUs to show in my account?

    You can expect to see the results added to their CE program approximately 15 days after the event. If you do not see the results posted, you may manually submit the events for CE credit.

  • What if I didn’t enter my CompTIA certification ID number when logging into IT Pro Day?

    Add it to your IT Pro Day profile at any point during the live event on December 7 by clicking on your name in the top-right corner of the screen. You must also select which certifications you hold to get the credit applied.

  • I don’t know my CompTIA certification ID number, how do I get credit?

    If you don't know your CompTIA ID number, you can enter it later. You may still log in to your certification account to manually upload your CEU documentation after this event. Not sure how to add your CEUs to your account? Click here to learn how.

  • How do I get my CompTIA certification ID number?

    Retrieve your certification ID here.

  • What documentation do I need to manually enter my IT Pro Day CEUs?

    You need a copy of your registration confirmation email and the IT Pro Day abstract/session description from the agenda for the session you attended that is CEU-approved.

  • What sessions are eligible for CEUs?

    The agenda section lists which sessions are CEU-approved after each description.

  • How do I manually add my CEU to my certification account for this event?

    Not sure how to add your CEUs to your account? Click here to learn how. For more information on how to get CEU credits, please view the CE activities chart. For other CE-related information, visit our Continuing Education site to learn more about our CE program.

  • What CEU activity type do I use for attending the IT Pro Day?

    Attend a live webinar.

Have more questions regarding your CompTIA certification? Visit our help page or contact our customer support team at (866) 835-8020 or (630)678-8300.