2016 CompTIA DC Fly-In • February 9-10 • Washington, D.C.

How does public policy affect the IT industry?

Just like you don’t vote in an election without doing your homework, members of Congress need to hear from you to do their job better. By sharing your company’s story, highlighting both the successes and obstacles, you can make an impact in Washington, D.C. That impact may result in changes to existing legislation, the creation of new legislation and/or the creation of a Congressional Caucus focused on a specific issue.

What about the R&D tax credit?

Research and development is the key to the growth of many technology companies. We’re fighting for permanent extension of the R&D tax credit – as well as making the benefits of this credit immediately available to startups and other small businesses by allowing those businesses to offset the credit against other small businesses by allowing those businesses to offset the credit against payroll taxes.

Should Internet access be taxed?

No. We believe that access to the Internet should remain unburdened by taxes. Allowing state and local jurisdictions to tax Internet access would lead to a complicated patchwork of federal, state and local taxes that would restrict access to this essential service.

Let’s talk about immigration reform.

What’s our interest in immigration reform? Well, it’s about remaining competitive in the global marketplace. We believe the U.S. must revise its immigration policies, allowing students and other high-skilled professionals to stay in the country – to help fill the IT skills gap and grow your business, all while stimulating our national economy and building a domestic pipeline of talent.

Let’s talk about cybersecurity.

With recent high-profile data breaches all over the news, cybersecurity is a hot button issue. And, this is where our industry can help! We advocate for the development of a national cybersecurity strategy that utilizes best practices and promotes voluntary adoption. The key is improving upon and adding to the existing frameworks and partnerships that already exist between industry and government.