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Monday, 21 March

1:30 PM - 6 PM Creating IT Futures Foundation Board of Directors Meeting by Invitation
5 PM - 7 PM End User Commission Meeting by Invitation
5 PM - 8:30 PM Registration and Member Lounge
6 PM - 7 PM IT Services and Support Executive Council Meeting by Invitation
7:30 PM - 9 PM AMM Welcome Reception

All AMM attendees are invited to attend this kick-off event. Enjoy a relaxing evening with your friends and colleagues. Complimentary hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be served.

Tuesday, 22 March

7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Continental Breakfast
7:30 AM - 9:30 AM Joint Advisory Council Meeting by Invitation

7:30 – 8:30 AM – Joint Advisory Council Update & Breakfast (optional)

8:30 – 9:30 AM – Joint Advisory Council Meeting.  Special Guest Speaker, Tim Curran, CEO, Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC)

7:30 AM - 6:30 PM Registration and Member Lounge
9:30 AM - 12 PM IT Services and Support Community Meeting

Maximizing Profits through a Great Customer Experience  Join us for a series of Ted-Talk style presentations on how to build a great customer experience.  Topics covered:

  • What delivering an excellent customer experience can do for your business.
  • Best practices for the front office (e.g. brand, marketing, sales process)
  • Best practices for the back office. (e.g. product/service delivery, support/follow-up, invoicing and payment)
  • Best practices for managing your reputation online.
  • Presenter Panel Q&A 

Round Table Discussions:  In a series of community roundtables, we will discuss and recommend a 2016 community action plan based on the ITSS community survey results

Talent Acquisition: We will work to expand the work of this important initiative addressing the skills gap, by choosing additional career areas.

9:30 AM - 12 PM Managed Services Community Meeting

Vendor Says-Partner Says Panel… “Partners don’t communicate, so I can’t help them grow.“ “Vendors only work with their large partners.”  Have you ever heard (or thought) one of these statements?  Join Managed Services Community Chair, Vince Tinnirello, CEO of Anchor Network Solutions as he moderates a panel of vendors and MSP’s to talk about these and other concepts that hinder the vendor/partner relationship.  Learn how, no matter what size vendor or MSP, you can have the two way relationship that drives growth, efficiency and profitability for both! 



Lifecycle of a Managed Services Client Workshop  Bring your expertise and challenges and dive into the “Lifecycle of a Managed Services Client”.  Are you an expert at delivering profitable services to your clients but struggle with marketing and new client acquisition?  Do your partners have a business challenge that you’d like help them overcome?  This is THE opportunity for everyone in the Managed Services Community to be heard and contribute.

9:45 AM - 12:45 PM Distributor Advisory Council Meeting by Invitation
9:45 AM - 12:45 PM Partner Advisory Council Meeting by Invitation
12 PM - 1:45 PM Communities Executive Board Meeting by Invitation
12 PM - 1:45 PM Networking Lunch and Informal Round Table Topics

Join your peers and CompTIA Staff for tips on Social Media, Legal Services, Information about Membership and much more!

12 PM - 2 PM Policy Executive Board Meeting by Invitation
1:30 PM - 4:40 PM Vendor Advisory Council Meeting by Invitation
2 PM - 4:30 PM Joint Advancing Women in IT and Future Leaders Community Meeting

Because I Said I Would, Alex Sheen  Motivated by the loss of his father, Sheen founded a nonprofit and international social movement dedicated to the betterment of humanity through kept promises. Sheen began sending promise cards to anyone who requested them at no cost. Since his father’s passing on Sept. 4, 2012, “because I said I would,” has sent over 3.1 million promise cards to over 150 countries. Sheen’s commitment to the betterment of humanity has inspired millions around the world, and the story of his promises have been shared and spread virally across social media and international news.  Join this important joint-session between Advancing Women in IT and Future Leaders, and learn how making and keeping promises can help you reach your goals and enrich your life.

Promise Card Work We’ll take action from Alex’s keynote and create some great promises! 

AWIT Discussion Groups Using the AWIT Survey as a guide, we will discuss and develop direction, initiatives and topics for the community in 2016.

Future Leaders Discussion Groups: Explore ideas and volunteer opportunities that will to push our efforts in 2016.  This will be a great opportunity to make a difference and drive the IT industry forward.

2:45 PM - 4:45 PM The State & Local Government and Education (SLED) Executive Council Meeting by Invitation
4:30 PM - 4:45 PM Networking Break
4:45 PM - 5:45 PM PowerTalk: From Service Delivery to Solution Delivery

Business transformation, changes in the profile of today’s IT buyer, and other factors have moved the channel from service delivery to a broader solution delivery focus. What will service/solution delivery look like over the next one to three years? What services may your customers want more of? Will it be more business consulting, application integration, or something not even on your radar yet? How will vendor consolidation impact service delivery? Join us for an engaging panel discussion to help your business stay competitive in this changing market.

Moderator: T.C. Doyle, Senior Content Director, Penton Technology Group


6 PM - 6:30 PM Member of the Year Award Reception
6:30 PM - 8 PM Member of the Year Award Dinner

Smart Entertainment

After the awards presentation, join us for some inspiring, cerebral, and fun-filled entertainment, David Kwong dazzles audiences with boundary-defying (and mind-bending) puzzles and sleight of hand. But make no mistake: no ladies will be sawn in half. Kwong is one of the most innovative, virtuosic, and smart illusionists alive. As a New York Times crossword puzzle constructor and go-to expert on illusion for major Hollywood blockbusters (Now You See MeMission Impossible: Rogue NationThe Imitation Game), Kwong offers his signature style of thought-provoking entertainment to mesmerize even the most jaded spectators. In other words, at the forefront of the ‘alternative magic scene,’ Kwong’s making magic really, really cool. Charged with intelligence, humor, and the fundamental elements of storytelling, it’s magic updated for a modern, sophisticated audience.

Presenter: David Kwong, New York Times Puzzle Builder, Magician, and TED Speaker

Wednesday, 23 March

7 AM - 8 AM Advancing Women in IT Executive Council Meeting by Invitation
7:30 AM - 6:30 PM Registration and Member Lounge
8 AM - 9:30 AM Breakfast & Opening Keynote

Innovating Around the Box: A Low Risk, High Reward Approach to Innovation

Too often, innovation is characterized as either inside the box (incremental improvement of existing products) or outside the box (disruptive products that revolutionize industries). But some of the most important innovations in history don’t fall into either category—many great companies innovate around the box—they surround their core products with a family of complementary innovations that make those core products irresistible. LEGO, Disney, Valve, Makerbot, GoPro, Red Bull, Apple, CarMax, Amazon, and others have used this third strategy with great success. But this strategy isn’t easy to execute—surrounding your core products with complementary innovations reduces your risk, but it requires big changes to your internal processes, structure, rewards, roles, and systems. In this engaging talk, David Robertson shows you how this strategy works and how the best companies use it to win in their markets.

Presenter: David Robertson, Professor, Wharton School of Business and Host of Innovation Nation Radio Talk Show

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM End User Panel: Harnessing Data in the Public Sector

Powered by the CompTIA SLED and HSITAG Councils

Open to all attendees

Ways in which technology is used to better serve customers extends into the government sector in various verticals including health & human services, transportation, service delivery, and education.  How government is using this technology to harness data and analyze it for practical uses is constantly evolving and advancing.  An examination of this process will be discussed with government officials and the industry in a panel format.

Moderator:  Josh Nisbet, Vice Chair, CompTIA SLED Council and Director, Government Clients & Markets, Deloitte 


9:30 AM - 11:30 AM IT Security Community Meeting

Security Solutions for 2016  After gaining a clear view of the security landscape, hear from Seth Robinson, Senior Director, CompTIA Research, what security services solution providers are delivering.  The “brick wall” won’t cut it anymore, so how do you do your part and grow your business at the same time?

Security Beyond Technology Spending  The security market will hit $140 billion by the end of the decade as businesses acquire new products and services to safeguard their data and infrastructure against a constantly growing number of threats and increasingly mounting losses. By some estimates, security breaches could result in $2 trillion in annual losses in the coming decade. Nominally speaking, security losses today are estimated in the tens of billions. While security technology is getting more sophisticated and effective, hackers and attackers are still finding their way through the defenses. If the answer is just spending more money on technology, won’t security become too expensive to maintain? If businesses cannot rely on technology to solve the security problem, what else can they do? In this security panel, The 2112 Group’s Larry Walsh and a panel of security practitioners and experts will look beyond throwing more money at the security problem and identify how solution providers can help curb risk and keep costs in check.



9:30 AM - 11:30 AM Joint Advisory Council Meeting by Invitation

9:30 – 10:00 am - Advisory Council Awards Recognition

10:00 – 11:30 am - Joint Advisory Council “Report Outs”

11:30 AM - 12:30 PM PowerTalk: Building Revenue While Solving End User Challenges

What are some of the challenges customers are facing? How can you help solve them AND grow your business? Hear case examples where unique solutions are addressing customer’s biggest headaches. Here’s your chance to learn about potential “low hanging fruit” revenue opportunities to grow your business.


  • Amy Babinchak, President, Harbor Computer Services
  • Tim Herbert, Senior Vice President, Research & Market Intelligence, CompTIA
  • Jessica Nava, Director, Carrier Sales, Finger Lakes Technologies Group, Inc.
  • Toby Palmer, PMP, Principal & Managing Director, Vault Consulting, LLC
12:30 PM - 1:45 PM CompTIA Lunch Date

Join us for the second annual Town Hall meeting and lunch. This is your opportunity to hear a high-level overview on all CompTIA’s activities and present your own ideas or ask questions of Nancy Hammervik, senior vice president of Industry Relations, and Jim Hamilton, vice president of Member Communities.

1:45 PM - 2 PM Networking Break
2 PM - 4:30 PM Cloud Community Meeting

Monetization and Security in a Cloud World Joe Panettieri from ChannelE2E will lead an all-star industry panel exploring best practices on monetizing and securing your cloud solutions.

Cloud Topic Speed Dating  Enlightened by community survey feedback, we will hold four rounds of speed dating where you can discuss with industry peers the latest cloud trends, threats and opportunities.  Come away with insights and actionable best practices for your business.

2 PM - 3 PM Governance Meeting by Invitation
2 PM - 4 PM Illinois Health & Human Services Technology Updates

Join the CompTIA Human Services Information Technology Advisory Group (HSITAG) to hear updates on the Illinois Human Services Technology Markets from government leaders.  


  • Michael Coulson, Chair, CompTIA HSITAG Council and Specialist Leader, Deloitte
  • George Sheldon, Director, ILL Dept. of Children and Family Services
2 PM - 4:30 PM Managed Print Services Community Meeting

Untapped Opportunity in the Professional Services Vertical  The professional services vertical, law firms, accounting firms and marketing/PR firms are information-intense businesses that rely heavily on technology. With over 428,000 business establishments and 4.3 million workers, the professional services vertical provides a large base of potential customers for IT products and services. Join CompTIA’s Tim Herbert, Sr. Vice President of Research as he shares valuable information about why these firms warrant your attention.

Tips to Grow Your MPS Business at Every Stage MPS providers find themselves in one of these three business stages: desire to launch MPS, but haven’t; struggling to implement MPS; and, successfully implementing MPS. Join the Managed Print Services community executive council as they share existing resources.  Share providers’ pain points, discuss relevant solutions and design this year’s content and initiative.  Whether you are curious or passionate about managed print, this is the opportunity to give back AND ask for help.

3 PM - 4 PM Audit & Investment Committee Meeting by Invitation
4 PM - 5 PM Executive Committee Meeting by Invitation
4:30 PM - 5:30 PM PowerTalk Unplugged

What's the big topic YOU want to discuss — a business challenge? New opportunities? Next gen technologies? PowerTalk Unplugged is your chance to set the agenda. When you arrive at AMM, submit your topic on the PowerTalk Unplugged board at Registration or vote in favor of a topic already posted. The most popular topics will be the focus of roundtable discussionsJoin any table or feel free to move from table to table if you wish to discuss more than one topic. 

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM Closing Networking Reception
7 PM - 10 PM Board of Directors Dinner by Invitation

Thursday, 24 March

7:30 AM - 2 PM Board of Directors Meeting by Invitation
8 AM - 10 AM Continental Breakfast