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Part-Time Faculty Opportunities

CompTIA is seeking to hire talented IT instructors for our growing number of adjunct faculty positions

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Adjunct Faculty Opportunities

CompTIA hires the most knowledgeable and engaging instructors to lead its highly sought after training programs.

World-Class Brand in Training

Work for the leading resource in IT training and certifications.

Work From Anywhere

As a CompTIA instructor, you can work from most US locations.


Teach as much or as little as you’d like! CompTIA will help you find an opportunity that works with your busy schedule.

Gig Economy Income

Supplement your full-time income with part-time virtual or in-person training. CompTIA typically pays $40 to $70 per hour.

Complimentary or Discounted Certifications

CompTIA invests in its staff. As a part-time instructor, you can get discounted or complimentary certifications.

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Jagger Coffey
Jagger Coffey
Richmond, KY

“CompTIA training is an exciting place where I get to share my experiences while empowering the next generation of tech solution providers.”

Jagger Coffey is an Adjunct Faculty at CompTIA.

Brian Ford
Brian Ford
Flagler Beach, FL

“I enjoy being a CompTIA Career Academy Adjunct in that I have the opportunity to work with adults from different backgrounds and levels of experience who all have a desire to learn and achieve. That's exciting.”

Brian Ford is an Adjunct Faculty at CompTIA.

Crystal Pendergrass
Crystal Pendergrass
Brodnax, VA

“I am thrilled to be a member of the Adjunct Faculty at CompTIA. How rewarding it is to play a small part in educating students on information technology topics and preparing them for obtaining industry certifications that lead to careers they love!”

Crystal Pendergrass is an Adjunct Faculty at CompTIA.

Gray Church
Gray Church
Holiday Island, AR

“During my almost 30-year career in IT, I would always interview job candidates who had a CompTIA cert on their resumes. To me as a hiring manager, a CompTIA cert signified a candidate's proven knowledge in the subject area. Now, as an Adjunct Faculty at CompTIA, I am proud to share my experience and help others gain the understanding necessary to pursue or advance their careers in IT.”

Gray Church is an Adjunct Faculty at CompTIA.

Jagger Coffey
Brian Ford
Crystal Pendergrass
Gray Church

We are looking for professional IT instructors with a minimum of 1-2 years teaching experience and active certifications for the CompTIA courses they'll teach. CompTIA instructors are also required to take and pass the most recent version of the exam subjects they teach.


Contact the CompTIA Faculty Academy at [email protected] for more information or questions about instructor opportunities.

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