Success Stories

See firsthand how CompTIA certifications have helped IT professionals from all over the world, and get inspired to share your own story as well.

Students and Academic Institutions

CompTIA certifications help IT students gain a career advantage no matter where they live. See why Tecnologica de Monterrey (Mexico City Campus) encourages getting CompTIA’s vendor-neutral credentials to validate skills and why their students are reaping the benefits.

CompTIA Certification Alumni

Certification refines your reasoning and your deductive ability when you’re troubleshooting, so you’re not just guessing.

Joshua Wragg

President, NexusTech

Being back in the job market, I realize how important these certifications are.

Paul Richards

IT Manager, Takoma Park Silver Spring Co-op

  • “I have had my A+ cert for about 4 years now, and it has opened so many doors for me to get job after job in a very competitive market. I would advise anyone that can afford to take the test to take it – you will not regret it. Your IT career will sky rocket.” – Paul Busby, help desk analyst, UPS

  • “CompTIA certifications buffed up my resume and landed me a great job. Not only did I gain knowledge in the field, I gained confidence and strategies for success in my career.” – Tedley Meralus, information technology support specialist, GeoGlobal Partners, LLC 

  • “CompTIA certifications have not only boosted my salary, but have allowed me to progressively advance in my career as an IT professional.” – Robert Kosydar, server systems administrator, U.S. Department of Defense 

CertMaster Users

If it wasn’t for CertMaster, I would not have passed that test.

Brad Henson

IT professional

CertMaster got me focused and gave me a great understanding of my course.

Olive Brennan Herbst

Co-founder, ISM Strategic Consulting

  • “It’s a great course! Passing the exam made it possible for me to earn 17 college credits. That enabled me to take advanced courses in college much sooner, which reduced the time it took to graduate by one-and-a-half semesters. It saved me a lot of money!” – Dulai Hussain, IT professional

  • “I would tell any student to have no doubts about using CertMaster as a learning tool.” – Andy Murphy, IT professional

  • “CompTIA training and certification provide the full spectrum of IT understanding.” – James Lapwood, communications manager, Firebrand Training


If you have an A+ certification on your resume, they’re going to put you at the front of the line.

Christopher Brito

Computer Tech, Geek Squad

Having A+ or Security+ or Network+ equals a sustainable career in the industry.

Pete Caro

Senior IA Architect, Ponte Technologies

  • “We believe the value of CompTIA certifications can be seen in the way certifications evaluate a professional’s practice skills to implement tasks.” – Masayuki Takishita, Tact Machine Service Co. Ltd.

  • “They’re thinking about their futures and having the certification will give them lots of opportunities.” – Abner Soto, instructor, LAYC Career Academy

  • “CompTIA has helped us find our voice.” – Elmarine Jiminez, instructor, University of Technology, Jamaica