FALL 2017 | CompTIAWorld 33 10 The Ability to Mentor and Inspire the Next Generation of Workers “We need to inspire all kinds of people – minorities, women, people re-entering the workforce. They will listen to people who can communicate that excitement, that love. If we don’t get great people in, we won’t be ableto do all the exciting things we want to do.” 9 The Ability to Incorporate Continuous Education “There [are] so many different things coming along, you can’t keep up with all of it. But you can pick and choose a handful of things to stay on top of.…If you can come in with knowledge that is up to date, you present yourself as being on top of what’s happening in the world.” 8 The Ability to Understand and Develop Data Analytics “Being able to understand analytics tools and how they work is going to be an increasingly important capability.… This is going to evolve as we get more tools and capabilities out there.” 7 The Ability to Relinquish Some Degree of Control “There’s so many great platforms, there’s lots of innovation in this space, but if you have a lockdown mindset, that mindset’s not going to fly in today’s corporate culture.” 6 The Ability to Recognize and Respond to Cyber Imperatives “Every role in IT needs some cyber-awareness and cyber-capability.…It doesn’t mean you know everything about how to defend or counteract, but you understand the general process of how it’s happening.” 5 The Ability to Recognize the Value of Soft Skills in Productivity “This is what separates a good candidate from a bad candidate. If you don’t have soft skills, your chances of landing a job with a good company are substantially diminished.” 4 The Ability to Work Effectively in a Multi-Generational Workforce “Millennials should be looking to transfer as much knowledge as possible from baby boomers – they have a lot to teach you.…And younger workers can energize older workers.…If everyone would just be open to the learning process, we can make this our advantage and not a detriment.” The Ability to Understand Different Programming Platforms “The ability to work with programming teams dramatically improves your employability as an IT pro.…When we go into the future with new technologies, there’s going to be plenty of hardware, and people need to know how to fix it and how that stuff works.” 3 2 10CriticalSkillsforToday’sITWorkforce Youmaybesurprisedtolearnthattheskillsneededbytoday’sITworkforcearenotalltechnical.Here, CompTIAPresidentandCEOToddThibodeauxoutlinesthetop10skillsthatwilltakeITintothefuture: 1 The Ability to Integrate Technologies “[IT pros must have] the ability to understand and be comfortable with multiple platforms.…In the future, you’re going to need to be able to integrate systems, artificial intelligence, virtual reality. We’re adding and adding and adding without giving away the legacy equipment.” The Ability to Understand How the Cloud Works “The cloud is dramatically transforming how the hardware world interacts with the IT industry, but it’s also changing the world for the IT pro.…If you don’t have a good understanding of the cloud, you’ll be behind.”