CompTIAWorld | FALL 2017 28 Asking for Directions: Philly to Develop Roadmap Philadelphia is using the Smart Cities Challenge program as an organizing mechanism to facilitate collaboration for building a citywide smart cities ecosystem. Ellen Hwang said that the purpose of a smart city is to provide better services to its citizens. She believes to make that happen there needs to be foundational components to support smart cities, including collaboration with committed leadership, the research community, data and communications infrastructure; education, business and civic communities; and the skilled civic tech community. “Smart cities is not an end to the means, but a larger goal of being a better government to our community,” she said. “At the end of the day we are one team with one goal: We want to serve the public better.” How will Philadelphia get there? Hwang said that active stakeholder engagement is the key. Philadelphia received 106 responses from companies operating worldwide to a request for information they issued for information on products, technologies, services and other creative cost reduction strategies. Based on the information gleaned from these responses, they are issuing a request for proposals for vendors to help them develop a roadmap for smart cities projects. The intent is to further build and strengthen that coalition of city, community, businesses and educational institutions to receive input into the plan. Hwang added, “We hope to finalize the roadmap by the end of December and then present the plan to various communities in 2018. The roadmap will define key projects to pursue and implement.”