CompTIAWorld | FALL 2017 20 Follow The Path That career path is available for workers from Atlanta to Akron to Alameda. Take Paul Dittmann, an IT pro from Chicago. He’s the kind of guy who’s strong on strategy, business processes and application development, and wants to hear from other people what they’re doing in security, big data and enterprise architecture. He joined AITP to navigate the complexities of his technology career, and so he could keep learning and improving. “Being an active AITP member provided me with insights that would have been impossible to learn limiting myself just to my own compa- ny’s challenges,” said Dittmann, who serves on the board of directors of CompTIA AITP Chicago. “Getting to know technology professionals at all levels has allowed me to develop personal relationships that have enhanced my career.” Others will use AITP as a springboard to a tech career. Alexa Cardelli is using her CompTIA AITP membership to build out her specializa- tion in computer information systems. “I chose technology for the flexibility,” she said. “Tech- nology is a great way to do what you love in a nonconventional manner.” AITP gives her local