FALL 2017 | CompTIAWorld 19 Building the 21st Century Workforce As technology disrupts nearly every industry, global societies are grappling with two major issues: Does our existing tech work- force have the skills to keep up? And can we fill the pipeline with the next gen of tech workers needed to remain competitive and secure? The pressures – and opportunities – of building a 21st cen- tury workforce are being felt everywhere, from global economies down to the individual worker. These compelling issues are behind CompTIA’s move to acquire the long-standing Association of IT Professionals and offer a new, merged organization focused on growing and advancing the 21st century workforce. With 1.8 million tech jobs projected to go unfilled in the U.S. alone by 2024, it is critical that we make efforts now to shore up the tech workforce and prepare the current work- ers for the next wave of technology evolution. This is a challenge being met at the highest levels of government, in the corporate world and by liked-minded technology groups. The new CompTIA AITP will focus on keeping our existing work- force relevant and will attract individuals looking for a career path they can feel confident in. There is a compelling message for all workers – whether they have a college degree or not – that there is a pathway to a rewarding technology career and they can make a great contribution to society. CompTIA, which has provided certifi- cations to nearly 2 million tech workers looking to strengthen their skill-sets, is in a perfect position to help meet the challenges of today’s IT pros and cultivate the next gen of workers. The new CompTIA AITP will offer a career portal, TechTalent, that will be a resource to the IT pro from resume to retirement. In addition, CompTIA AITP will offer continued learning, business skill training, industry insight and networking. CompTIA AITP will start with the U.S. tech workforce but will have resources and benefits that can be leveraged internationally. In the U.S., it will have a national reach with local benefits. AITP local chapters will help the IT professional expand their contacts and connections and share and gather new skills and best practices. CompTIA AITP will give workers trying to fit into the modern economy a path forward and will give the country the workforce it needs to do what it does best – stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive and secure.