CompTIAWorld | FALL 2017 10 describes herself as unusual among CompTIA community members in that she joined the IT Security Community before ever attending a meeting. She was attracted to the association because of its commitment to STEM. “I was introduced to CompTIA as a group that helps educate people about technology and that helps increase inclusivity in STEM,” she said. “These are subjects that are very close to my heart and I’m excited to have the opportunity to participate in groups that are succeeding in these efforts.” CompTIA Member Matters ESET’s Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship is Breaking Boundaries Software security vendor ESET launched its Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship this year with the aim of diversifying IT and helping it draw from a larger talent pool. CompTIA IT Security Community member Lysa Myers, security researcher at ESET, was closely involved with its launch, helping to choose applicants and define the scholarship’s goals.“It’s unbelievably heartening to hear from so many incredibly erudite and accomplished young women who want to get into this field,” she said. “Having to sort through a towering heap of extraordinary applications was the sort of problem many of us dream of in security.” According to Myers, a great way to convince young women of the value of a career in STEM is explaining that working with cybersecurity, essentially, means helping people. “Security is about keeping people safe and about making their lives better,” she said. “We’re enabling people to get the full benefits of new advances in technology, with less worry about what problems might arise.” Toward that end, Myers also helps instruct at ESET and Securing Our eCity’s Cyber Boot Camp, where she stresses to students that there’s more than one type of on-ramp to a career in IT. “With the skyrocketing cost of college tuition, it’s important for people on both sides of the hiring equation to remember that a four-year degree isn’t the only way to gain knowledge and experience,” she said. “Certification can certainly be a good way to prove your bona fides.”Myers Lysa Myers engages in the IT Security Community meeting. Lysa Myers, ESET, IT Security Community Executive Council