FALL 2017 | CompTIAWorld 9 recommend them to me; the final screener.” If that goes well, the employees take a vote and, if unanimously approved, Haskelson begins negotiating salary and employment details. CompTIA Member Matters Building and Blending a Multi-Generational Workforce Recruiting talent for a technology firm can be challenging, especially when the management team is attempting to build a highly cohesive work environment. Some say hiring and blending millennials with more tenured employees can be a difficult proposition. Marc Haskelson sees it as an opportunity to grow. As president and CEO of Compliancy Group and a member of the CompTIA Business Applications Advisory Council, he understands the hiring and retention problems facing those in the IT industry. He also recognizes the power of a multi-generational workforce. Haskelson believes millennials get a bad rap. “Some suggest millennials feel entitled, more concerned with vacations and me-time, and may not be as committed or professional,” he said.“That attitude is why so many people are missing out on great prospects. Millennials are asking for the opportunity to learn and grow. They want authority and autonomy. Companies that provide that type of environment will find that millennials are extremely loyal and driven.” A major challenge for those businesses is blending new recruits with their tenured employees to create highly productive teams. A collaborative hiring process is key, Haskelson said. He employs a collaborative approach, with multiple employees interviewing potential recruits in a bullpen environment so everyone can engage the applicant. “Every candidate is asked the same questions,” he said. “The team scores each and decides whether to Marc Haskelson addresses CompTIA’s Joint Advisory Council Meeting. Marc Haskelson, Compliancy Group, CompTIA Business Applications Advisory Council