Jamie Claret

Jamie Claret is one of two Directors of Amazing Support, an MSP based in NW London. He makes no bones about the fact that he has made every mistake in the book in his 16 years in the industry, from poor hires to poor systems and finance, but, where others may have crumbled he has learnt from these mistakes and continued to grow his business into a profitable, stable and thriving MSP. He believes firmly in finding your ‘unique ability’ and playing to those strengths and finding others that compliment them, and that if you don’t it will be to your personal and business detriment. A big picture and strategic thinker, Jamie is extremely good at listening to the problem and coming up with simple plans to solve those problems. Jamie also has extensive experience in business acquisition and turnaround.

Areas of Expertise: Managed Services; Sales and account management; Leadership; Growing your business; Distressed business; Turnaround; Business acquisition