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2016 ChannelCon Managed Print Services Community Meeting; Big Data, Business Intelligence and Managed Print

Big Data, Business Intelligence and Managed Print – YES! We have answers on the why and how. Join Benjamin Goewey of Datamensional, an expert on Big Data, as he shares real world insight on how these three things go together. Whether your customers are in the SMB or mid-enterprise space, they are looking to you to make their data actionable. Managed Print is centered around intelligent decisions based on reliable data. Find out how you can take it to the next level and why your customers WANT you to take that step. Then he’ll deliver information new insights about why your SMB clients are looking to you for actionable, relevant, and timely information to make decisions quickly and effectively, all while helping them transform their organizations. The Manage Print Services Executive Council heard the community loud and clear when they said, “Give us the tools and resources to get over the next hurdle in growing our MPS business.” As a result, we’ve created new resources to assist you whether you want to add MPS to your service offering or you’ve implemented one, but aren’t seeing the expected profits.