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  • Our Managed Print Services Community serves as a dedicated resource center for anyone involved in the managed print service (MPS) industry. Members of this community strive for the improvement and development of the managed print service industry as a whole and each of our members advances the MPS industry with their valuable contributions.

    We support industry best practices through the CompTIA Channel Standards, encourage a business excellence journey through Trustmarks and ultimately prepare Managed Print Service Providers for rapid growth. In support of this program is the creation of the Trust your Managed Print Trustmark Holder video. If you want to promote best practices in MPS, join us today!

What We Do

The goal of the community is to bring together managed print service providers, distributors, OEMs, consultants and thought leaders to create beneficial tools and programs for managed print service providers. We define industry best practices, develop tools and templates, refine educational tracks for MPS providers and analyze the industry as a whole.

Managed Print Services Events

  • The Print Assessment – The Difference between a Profitable, Happy Client Relationship and an Unprofitable Nightmare

    July 26, 2016 1:00 PM

    1pm CT / 2pm ET
    Powered by the Managed Print Community
    The Print Assessment, whether a basic or advanced one, can be the difference between a strong, profitable provider/client relationship and one where the client is frustrated and the provider is losing money. The old adage “you can’t manage what you don’t monitor” is especially true in an MPS environment. If you don’t know a printer, a procedure, or certain guidelines exist you can find yourself in a real bind. This webinar will outline the fundamental components of a print assessment along with tools that can assist you.