Mike Semel

President & Chief Security Officer,
Semel Consulting

Mike Semel is the President and Chief Security Officer of Semel Consulting, specializing in HIPAA, financial, and state compliance regulations, and cyber security best practices. Mike is a Certified Security Compliance Specialist, Certified Disaster Recovery Institute Business Continuity Professional, Certified HIPAA Professional, Certified HIPAA Administrator, , and Certified Health IT Specialist. He co-wrote a Certified HIPAA Security Professional course that qualifies for health care continuing education units. He has owned or managed technology companies for over 35 years; served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) for a hospital and a K-12 school district; and managed operations at an online backup company. Mike is an active member of the FBI’s Infragard program and was recently selected as a speaker. Mike was on the development team for the CompTIA Security Trustmark, co-wrote its Quick Reference Guide, and coaches businesses who are working to achieve the security accreditation. He chaired CompTIA’s IT Security Community from 2010 – 2012.