Cristina Greysman

Vice President, Partner Recruitment, SAP
Chair, Advancing Women in IT Community

Cristina Greysman is an enthusiastic promoter and idea generator who consistently seeks synergies among people and businesses in order to create new opportunities. An entrepreneur at heart, Cristina seeks out needs and fills them in her profession and in her community. Cristina’s 20-year career in technology spans both startups and Corporate America in the Philadelphia region, specializing in business development, strategic alliances, and partner program development.

In the fifth grade, Cristina begged her Dad for a computer, which he finally purchased even though he had no idea what she would use it for. Those early experiences “playing” on the computer led to an interest in the Internet and the co-founding of a web site design firm just out of college. Today, Cristina is an advocate for women pursuing careers in the technology industry, serving on committees such as Philly Startup Leaders, CompTIA’s Advancing Women in IT community and the Women in Tech Summit, and speaking on the topic of helping women “Dream IT”.