Arsalan Eizadirad

Senior Business Development Manager,
Graycon IT

Arsalan Eizadirad has been a contributor and leader in helping shape how Ricoh Canada is transforming its business and brand in the Canadian IT marketplace – one customer, one strategic relationship at a time. Arsalan represents Ricoh’s go-to-market future in the IT industry as a sales specialist, solution provider, and services program manager for the Ontario marketplace. The IT Services portfolio has been within Ricoh’s offering for several years, but with no greater champion than Arsalan in actively marketing, selling and promoting Ricoh’s value proposition to its customers; achieving great success in new business growth. He approaches his marketplace under the corporate umbrella of Ricoh’s brand not just as a direct salesperson, but more as an entrepreneur developing a new IT centric service focused on helping his customers make information work for them in a secure productive manner. With Grayson I.T. being a part of the Ricoh family now, Arsalan has been extremely helpful to grow the brand nationally and be able to offer a wider range of IT services to his clients. Arsalan has served as one of the executive council members for the CompTIA’s Future Leaders group for the last 3 years and is now looking to bring his experience and passion to the Canadian IT executive council.