Nickolas Verykios

Distribution Central

Nick Verykios has been involved with the IT industry for over 25 years and has successfully blended entrepreneurial ventures with a career spanning marketing, product development, sales, executive/general management and director’s duties. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to effectively build and manage projects, teams, divisions and companies.

With a highly celebrate background in marketing; Nick quickly established a solid reputation for business development and profitable business growth through innovative end-user and channel programmes in the IT&T industry.

In 1994, Nick founded the IT distributor, 1World Systems Pty Ltd and later, co-directed LAN Systems Pty Ltd, both highly profitable ventures, sold to international IT companies. Both companies were considered to be at the forefront of IT distribution and service procurement with their unique business models further deployed in international companies spanning over twenty countries. LAN Systems was transformed from a $4m distributor into a highly profitable services organisation in just over five years.

LAN Systems was sold to Westcon Group, the New York-based subsidiary of a publicly listed multinational company, in April 2000. Following the sale, Nick was appointed to the Board of Directors and held the position of Group General Manager & Managing Director where he continued to grow revenue to $160 million with a staff of 120 by 2004. He was charged with deploying the channel services model he architected into international subsidiaries while representing Westcon Group’s Organisation Committee; presenting to NSDQ stakeholders during Westcon Group’s pending IPO process.

Nick remained Managing Director of Westcon Group until March 2004, after which he co-founded Distribution Central in July 2004. As Managing Director and now CEO, Nick is responsible for all commercial aspects of the business including sales management, marketing, strategic business development, corporate governance, vendor selection/on-boarding and public reputation.

With a passion for business development and innovation, Nick devised the unique IBAM and LEEP business strategies that steered growth from a start-up business in 2004 to exceed $315 million in revenue in FY2015 and annualising at $400 million for FY2016. This tremendous growth has cemented Distribution Central as one of the largest and most profitable IT&T distributors in Australia and New Zealand.

Supporting Nick’s business and entrepreneurial journey, he holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Major in Marketing) from the University of New South Wales and a Corporate Director’s Graduate Diploma from the University of New England.

Nick was inducted into the ARN IT Industry Hall of Fame in 2012 and was awarded the CEO Magazine IT Executive of the Year in 2013, with nominations for Managing Director Of The Year in 2014 & 2015; in addition to Owner Manager of the Year in the AIM Excellence awards for 2015.

An experienced and engaging speaker, Nick is invited to present his leadership, marketing, entrepreneurial and managerial ideas at many industry and general business seminars. He has been an influential and proactive chairperson and member on numerous global vendor and industry channel advisory councils.

Nick’s personal approach to business extends to coaching rather than managing staff, where he aims to “ensure staff are not only in the right job but in the right career and life path. He believes that rather than setting goals, people need to think about their purpose in life and what they are supposed to be doing” (, 2012).

It’s a successful philosophy Nick’s applied to Distribution Central, as
he advises other companies on strategy, building creativity and innovating, and in third world countries where he has built four orphanages in India and Asia, all now handed back to their respective governments to manage.

Nick is a practising Tantric Buddhist and a student of eastern spiritual traditions. He works closely with the Dalai Lama, teaches meditation, an acclaimed career & business mentor and provides youth and adult critical crisis counselling. He has a keen interest in music and has been a contracted lyricist and performing artist since 1988. Nick is a yoga practitioner with a great love of the outdoors including surfing and snowboarding.