Craig Somerville

CEO Managing Director,
Somerville ISNet

Craig Somerville is a dynamic, entrepreneurial sales and management strategist. Craig has a 35+ year record of achievement and demonstrated success in the development, operation and growth of one of Australian’s leading private technology businesses – Somerville / ISNet. Through this long history in Electrical, Communications and IT &T industries, Craig carries a broad technical, business and industry knowledge set.

From the heritage of a two-man specialist electrical and communications contracting company, building early data centres for the likes of IBM and Wang in the early 1980s, Craig has been instrumental in the continual development of Somerville / ISNet. This journey includes the development of a network integration business in the late 1980s, a systems integration business in the early 1990s, an ISP and managed services business in the late 1990s and the addition of an IT procurement business in 2000.

Craig’s technical expertise and knowledge has enabled him to develop the managed and cloud services business that is the core of Somerville / ISNet today. Over the past 10 years, Somerville / ISNet has maintained a strong focus on building vendor product sets into a consumption model and addressing the many challenging facets of moving a business into the world of As A Service and Hybrid Cloud, such as financing, tenancy and consumption models.

A Member of the IT Industry Hall of Fame, Craig is an active and prominent member of the local Australian industry, and a strong advocate for the channel and the Australian partner community.