AWIT Career Resource Center

welcome The AWIT Career Resource Center is an online destination for people who want to learn about IT careers and promote women entering and advancing their work in information technology. Discover the different areas and industries where IT plays an important role, read inspirational testimonials from women in the IT field, and connect with groups across the world who are interested in the same mission.

IT Career Areas

One of the benefits of information technology is that — whether you were born to write code or work better managing a creative team — an IT career gives you loads of career options. Read about both core careers in IT — like database developers and chief security officers — and the nontraditional IT options in industries such as marketing and health care.

IT Career Tips

IT is a fast-paced field, and if you want to be a part of it, your career skills need to be on point. Learn to translate your skills into IT positions and sharpen your soft skills by following these tips.

IT Career Links

IT is growing, and groups around the nation and world are forming to give people the connections they need. Make your connections count with IT Career Links, covering everything from mentoring to STEM education.

AWIT Community Resources

CompTIA’s AWIT Community offers a wealth of resources from our members and beyond. Learn the ins and outs of IT through related videos and webinars, and connect with us through our AWIT social media channels.

IT Career Testimonials

A career in IT doesn’t have to be stuffy or static. Many AWIT members hold interesting, flexible positions that keep them intellectually stimulated and involved in hands-on work. Through short testimonials, our members share their IT journeys and the pros and cons of their chosen fields. Read their stories here.

Share your story as a Dream IT Speaker

Dream IT — a program by CompTIA’s Advancing Women in IT Community — is reaching 10,000 people this year with the message that IT is a great place for women and girls. Learn more about Dream IT and make a difference by sharing your story.