Dayne Ealy

Executive Council, Advancing Diversity in Technology

Dayne Ealy was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1967 and was raised in Chicago, Illinois. In 1986 he joined the US Army. His first professional IT assignment was with US Army Signal Corps as a secure cryptographic data technician. Upon completing a tour with the US Army, he subsequently joined the US government as a Computer operator. He served as IT Project Manager with 1+MM in assets, Senior Architect and Sr. Infrastructure Engineer over his tenure with the US government, including several foreign assignments (Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK). In 2008, Mr. Ealy retired as a senior staff level (GS-13) with 22 years of combined military and government service, earning numerous awards and promotions during his tenure. Additionally, Mr. Ealy has CompTIA certifications in (CASP, A+, Security+, Linux+, Network+, Project+, and Health IT) as well as VMware, Citrix and AHIMA vendor certifications. He currently enjoys homeschooling his son in IT, attending Western Governors College and weekends with his family. Mr. Ealy is fluent in German as a second language and has extensive international relations experience.