Nathan Archer

Director of Business Development, A & H Technology Group
Chair, Advancing Diversity in Technology

From fixing his first Windows 3.1 computer in 1994, Nathan fell in love with Technology. During his time with Staples National Advantage, Nathan learned a great deal as an Account Specialist. When the dotcom era came, Nathan had to reinvent himself and used the two most passionate areas within his life; Technology and Business. He successfully created X 1.0 Inc. Nathan learned a lot during the lifetime of X 1.0 Inc. and closed the business in 2011.

Nathan formed A & H Technology Group where he is the Director of Business Development. A & H Technology Group provides their technical capabilities, Partners Products, services and resources to organizations that require a key partner to assist their development and growth. A & H Technology Group works with partners to assist them in the following areas: streamlining business processes and driving down operational costs while maximizing customers' bottom line. A & H Technology Group’s mission is to inspire business owners by energizing their creative process to build a successful company that is transformative and makes a positive contribution in the world.

Prior to A & H, Nathan was a Purchasing Vendor at Smith Barney, Travelers and Prudential for Staples National Advantage. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Long Island University. He also sits on the boards of United We Stand of New York and Brooklyn Equal Opportunity Center (BEOC). Nathan also volunteers for various nonprofit organizations, and is an advocate in the areas of Civil and Social Rights, Education Equality, and Science and Technology.