Webinar: Docker and Kubernetes

Join CompTIA Chief Technology Evangelist, Dr. James Stanger to discuss how Docker and Kubernetes operates and how it can help with security issues if used correctly.
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Containerization and orchestration are increasingly essential skills for the IT professional. Containerization is a form of virtualization that goes beyond the traditional hypervisor-based solutions you’ve used in VMWare or VirtualBox.

A great way to describe containerization and orchestration would be to think about a time when one of your servers compromised because an attacker exploited a seemingly unrelated shared library, DLL or service. Imagine how nice it would have been if you could have created a virtual machine for each application, independent of an operating system that would have prevented the attack. Perhaps if you had the ability to synchronize, or orchestrate each of these applications in a way that allowed you to manage these containers, your server would not have been compromised. Using tools like Docker and Kubernetes could have helped in these situations.

Docker has been around for some time; Kubernetes is a widely-adopted open source project, originally created by Google. IT Pros around the world use Kubernetes to deploy and scale applications and services, and Google has been using it for years.

In this episode of Office Hours with James, he discusses:

  • Essential concepts, including containerization, automation and orchestration
  • How Docker and Kubernetes operate and how it can help with security issues if used correctly

James says that he finds it difficult to contain his enthusiasm for Docker and Kubernetes. Check out this Office Hours with James to learn more!

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Webinar Details

What: Docker and Kubernetes: An Overview

When: Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. CDT

How Long: 1 Hour 

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): This webinar has been approved for 1 CEU for CompTIA A+ 

Click Here to Watch the Webinar On-demand

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