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  • Four Ways MSPs and Vendors Can Become Business BFFs

    Nov 9, 2016, 20:55 PM by Samantha Ciaccia
    The importance of vendors courting their partners means more than ever now. With that in mind, here are four ways managed service providers and vendors can become best friends forever!
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  • The Compassionate Person

    Aug 24, 2016, 16:58 PM by Samantha Ciaccia
    Samantha Ciaccia, channel engagement manager at Datto, shares her favorite lesson learned at ChannelCon.
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  • And the Oscar Goes to … The Cloud!

    Mar 31, 2016, 16:41 PM by Samantha Ciaccia
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  • CompTIA ChannelCon 2015 Cloud Community Recap: A Panel Too Good to Miss

    Nov 18, 2015, 21:43 PM by Samantha Ciaccia
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  • 10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My 20 Year-Old Self

    Aug 4, 2015, 18:30 PM by Samantha Ciaccia
    Hindsight is 20/20. What advice would you go back and give your younger self? CompTIA’s 2015 ChannelChanger, Samantha Ciaccia knocks it out of the park.
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  • What is Your Biggest Weakness? Identify and Conquer

    Apr 6, 2015, 20:58 PM by Samantha Ciaccia
    Millennials don’t often have the experience to identify their own weaknesses. Hear from CompTIA Future Leaders Community Champion and Datto Channel Engagement Manager Samantha Ciaccia on why.
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  • Three Misconceptions About Millennials

    Aug 13, 2014, 20:50 PM by Samantha Ciaccia
    As we have entered the workforce, millennials have a gained a bad reputation – often described by employers as selfish, lazy or privileged. This perception has developed over time and few members of my generation have disputed it yet. As a millennial, I’d like to debunk some of these perceptions and offer an insight into how they gained a foothold in the professional world.
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  • My Six Pivotal Moments as a Woman in IT

    Apr 23, 2014, 20:56 PM by Samantha Ciaccia
    “What do you want to be when you grow up?” This was never a hard question for me. I wanted to be a veterinarian, then a doctor. However, when it came time to decide on a college major, I chose marketing to pursue a creative career in advertising — or so I thought. What you think you want and where life actually leads you can sometimes be very different. My 18-year-old self would not recognize me today: I’m channel engagement manager for Datto and have been working in the ...
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