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CompTIA Senior Manager, Content Marketing Strategy

Debra B. McCraw oversees CompTIA's IT Career News blog. As a corporate journalist and storyteller, she has written about career development, personal finance, success stories and more for Goodwill, LinkedIn, Northwestern Mutual and other organizations.

  • Secure System Design: Why Plug and Play Is a Dangerous Game

    Sep 24, 2018, 14:35 PM by Debra B. McCraw
    In today’s world, it’s not out of the realm of possibility for hackers to be able to access a device and cause harm. CompTIA Security+, and the new CompTIA CertMaster Learn for Security+, address many of the cybersecurity issues related to IoT, including secure systems design.
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  • Why CompTIA PenTest+? A Review of CompTIA’s Newest IT Certification

    Aug 24, 2018, 17:28 PM by Debra B. McCraw
    CompTIA’s newest IT certification, CompTIA PenTest+, assesses the knowledge and skills needed to run a comprehensive, responsible and successful penetration testing program. Beta tester Molly Stewart shares her views on the certification.
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  • ChannelCon IT Pro Track Day 2 Dives Deep into Cybersecurity

    Aug 3, 2018, 14:30 PM by Debra B. McCraw
    You can’t avoid cybersecurity in the IT world, and ChannelCon 2018 is no exception. On Thursday, August 2, the IT Pro Track powered by AITP focused on cybersecurity, with four sessions that all touched on internet of things (IoT) devices, endpoints and red team versus blue team.
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  • IoT Takes the Spotlight in ChannelCon Future Trends Sessions

    Aug 2, 2018, 02:48 AM by Debra B. McCraw
    ChannelCon 2018 Future Trends sessions offer unique insights on the latest technologies impacting the IT industry. On Wednesday, August 1, two sessions dove into the internet of things (IoT).
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  • Curiosity and Confidence: Liz Maida on Cybersecurity, Startup Life and How to Get Hired

    May 11, 2018, 18:58 PM by Debra B. McCraw
    At RSA 2018, we spoke with Liz Maida, the co-founder and CEO of Uplevel, about how she got into cybersecurity, what she looks for in candidates at her early-stage startup and what advice she has for people looking to start their cybersecurity careers.
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  • Hacking for Good: A Conversation with White Hat Hacker Alex Heid

    Apr 30, 2018, 15:02 PM by Debra B. McCraw
    During RSA 2018, IT Career News sat down with Alex Heid, white hat hacker and chief research officer of SecurirtyScorecard, to learn more about ethical hacking and how IT pros can get into the field.
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  • The Experts Weigh In: Key Takeaways from RSA 2018

    Apr 20, 2018, 16:53 PM by Debra B. McCraw
    RSA is one of the largest cybersecurity conferences in the world, with hundreds of sessions and thousands of exhibitors across a full week. Because of this, everyone has a unique experience and takes away different things. IT Career News spoke with a few cybersecurity experts to hear more about their key takeaways and a-ha moments from this year’s event.
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  • Knowledge Is Power: Slaying the Cloud Beasts

    Apr 18, 2018, 16:47 PM by Debra B. McCraw
    Tech is constantly evolving, and IT pros need to be agile, open to and ready for change. Michael Farnum overcame his preconceived ideas about the cloud and learned to embrace it personally and professionally.
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  • Collaboration and Cybersecurity Culture in the Spotlight at RSA 2018

    Apr 17, 2018, 21:15 PM by Debra B. McCraw
    More than 50,000 cybersecurity professionals have gathered in San Francisco for the RSA Conference this week. The theme of the show, Now Matters, highlights the urgency and pressure felt in cybersecurity today.
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  • Morning, Noon or Night: What’s Your Ideal Learning Schedule?

    Apr 11, 2018, 22:18 PM by Debra B. McCraw
    You’ve got a full-time job, a family, hobbies and other personal commitments. If you’re wondering how you’ll find time to study for your first, second or fifth IT certification, you’re not alone. Keep reading to get ideas on how you can fit learning into your busy life.
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