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  • Is Blockchain the U.S. Military's Next Great Weapon?

    Jan 9, 2020, 22:18 PM by Eric Powell
    As blockchain becomes more popular, innovative minds have begun to explore ways to unleash its power—including the U.S. Department of Defense.
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  • Is Blockchain the Right Fit? Decision-Based Infographic Provides Guidance, Insight

    Nov 5, 2019, 17:12 PM by Scott Campbell
    CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council has created a decision tree infographic and a complementary guide to help guide solution providers if blockchain is the best database technology for a specific environment.
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  • Tech for Good: Four Ways Blockchain Can Improve People’s Lives

    Oct 3, 2019, 17:30 PM by CJ Arlotta
    As the acceptance of blockchain technology grows, companies are investing in ways implement it into more and more business processes—some which are designed to save or improve lives.
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  • Blockchain Brings Opportunity for Channel—but Challenges, Too

    Jun 6, 2019, 14:45 PM by Scott Campbell
    There are plenty of reasons for solution providers to get excited about blockchain, but there’s also a lot to do before most can develop successful practices, according to members of CompTIA’s Blockchain Advisory Council.
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  • The Future Looks Bright for Forward-Thinking IT Services Professionals

    Apr 16, 2019, 15:08 PM by Brian Sherman
    While many IT services professionals remain focused on infrastructure and closely related applications to support their clients, the emerging technologies are opening the imaginations ̶ and checkbooks ̶ of adventurous entrepreneurs. Based on current trends detailed in the CompTIA IT Industry Outlook 2019, the business case for these emerging solutions is quickly shifting from the speculative stage to one with real interest and revenue opportunities.
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  • As Blockchain Evolves, Women Take the Lead

    Mar 5, 2019, 20:31 PM by Michelle Lange
    Blockchain’s level playing field gives everyone a chance to learn.
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  • What Is Blockchain? Understanding Blockchain Benefits

    Feb 25, 2019, 10:40 AM by Ed Tittel
    As terms and concepts go, blockchain has more than enough buzz to go around. But although most people know that blockchain is the underlying technology that makes digital currencies work, they don’t always understand its benefits beyond currency.
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  • The Ethereum Classic 51% Attack: Not Quite Time to Abandon Blockchain

    Jan 11, 2019, 15:36 PM by James Stanger
    With this latest Ethereum Classic hack, a lot of the same things said about Linux are often said about blockchain. This event has caused quite a stir, as is often the case when an emerging technology gets humbled.
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  • Blockchain at the State and Local Level

    Aug 1, 2018, 14:36 PM by Jennifer Saha
    CompTIA’s SLED Council gathered in Boston, Massachusetts last week to hear from a number of initiatives taking place within the state. A highlight of the SLED Summit was a panel discussing CompTIA’s Blockchain Guide: Harnessing the Blockchain Revolution: CompTIA’s Practical Guide for the Public Sector.
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  • Blockchain Opportunities on the Rise

    Jul 16, 2018, 16:06 PM by CompTIA
    While cryptocurrencies may rule the headlines, technology solution providers have a great opportunity to help their customers navigate the opportunities available in blockchain technology. Check out this informative video to learn more.
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  • Congress Tackles Blockchain and the Supply Chain

    May 18, 2018, 13:37 PM by David Logsdon
    On May 8th, CompTIA Advocacy attended the House Subcommittee on Oversight and Subcommittee on Research and Technology hearing “Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Improve Supply Chain Management and Combat Counterfeit Goods.”
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  • A Blockchain Manifesto? A Report from the RSA 2018 Blockchain Focus Group

    May 2, 2018, 22:06 PM by James Stanger
    A couple of weeks ago, Stephen Schneiter, Chris Hodson and myself led a two-hour hands-on discussion about blockchain applications and their weaknesses at RSA 2018 in San Francisco. We gathered more than 120 folks in a room, gave a demo of a private Ethereum blockchain and then discussed specific problems in applied blockchain security.
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  • BLOCKCHAIN: What Does the Future Hold? Discussed at Tech Policy Summit at Fly In

    Feb 19, 2018, 18:16 PM by Lana Sansur
    Blockchains have emerged as possibly one of the next big transformational technologies for government use in an effort to provide citizens with easy, online access to services and transactions. Blockchain technology is also at the forefront of many private industry sectors, including banking, real estate, and health care.
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  • BlockChain and Cybersecurity - A Primer

    Oct 30, 2017, 14:42 PM by David Logsdon
    Blockchain technology has a large potential to transform business operating models in the long term. The use of blockchain technology promises to bring significant efficiencies to global supply chains, financial transactions, asset ledgers and decentralized social networking. What is blockchain technology?
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  • BLOCKCHAIN: What Does the Future Hold?

    Jun 23, 2017, 15:20 PM by Lana Sansur
    This month, CompTIA held a webinar titled, “Blockchain What Does the Future Hold?” hosted by David Logsdon, senior director for Federal Advocacy at CompTIA who handles our New and Emerging Technologies portfolio.
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