#HSITAGgivesback and Beyond

The Human Services IT Advisory Group (HSITAG) continues to raise funds and awareness for good causes during the pandemic.

Demonstrating a sense of community by giving back is a strategic imperative of CompTIA’s Human Services Information Technology Advisory Group (HSITAG). The current pandemic heightened that call to action. Since transitioning to virtual meetings in March, HSITAG collaborated virtually to do more for both our members and the communities in which we live.

Enter the #HSITAGgivesback challenge, launched in May, to bring our members together by sharing an act of kindness through their LinkedIn account and nominating others to follow suit. This simple challenge provoked a great sense of comradery. As one member shared, “May has felt a lot different than March and April and that is because of the #HSITAGgivesback challenge. It has been awesome to see the incredible ways that people have given back.  Kindness really is contagious - and our communities need that more than ever.” 

During the month of May, 130 people accepted the challenge, representing 70% of HSITAG member companies and even more industry partners.  Between them, there were over 185 acts of giving spread across the country. #HSITAGgivesback had impact in 30 states, Washington DC and Puerto Rico, and four other countries. For many, these give backs were donations to more than 100 organizations supporting COVID-19 emergency funds, foster care youth, food programs, and more. Other acts of giving were more hands on as members sent cards and care packages to frontline workers, delivered masks, and even volunteered their expertise to support technology programs during the crisis.

May was #fostercaremonth and one family donated to Together We Rise by providing new duffle bags filled with essentials like a teddy bear, hygiene kit and duffle bags for teenagers since children entering foster care are usually given a trash bag to move their belongings.  Rachel Chang, the Programs Coordinator from Together We Rise noted “When children are removed from their homes, they are typically given a few minutes and 2 trash bags to pack up all their belongings. Our goal at Together We Rise is to replace every trash bag with a brand-new duffle bag filled with comfort items that include a teddy bear, blanket, toothbrush, etc.  We recently received a letter from a foster care agency who informed us that a 9-year-old boy was so excited because it was his first time owning a toothbrush. With the support of our wonderful donors, we hope to continue to transform the way children experience the foster care system.”

#HSITAGgivesback will continue through the rest of this year as we spotlight charitable causes for diversity, equity, and social justice in the future. We recently highlighted nonprofits suggested by the Steinberg Institute ,an organization that has supported HSITAG’s Homelessness Workgroup in its efforts surrounding evictions data, and two organizations that support youth in foster care, recommended by government speakers who presented at HSITAG’s June member meeting.

This week, #HSITAGgivesback is hosting its newest virtual giving event in support of Covenant House.  Will you join us? 

Follow #HSITAGgivesback on LinkedIn and if you are interested in joining CompTIA HSITAG’s Charitable Giving Committee, please contact srogers@comptia.org

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