CompTIA’s Rigorous Trustmark Process Pays off for TeamLogic IT

TeamLogic IT-Memphis owner Drayton Mayers knows that his clients each require their own set of business solutions, but they all share one pressing need: airtight data security and privacy. “Every business owner wants to be assured of having the best protection for his or her data and network,” said Mayers, who made earning the vendor-neutral CompTIA Security Trustmark a top priority for his business.

Management of some newly formed IT services firms can spend months fine-tuning their offerings before undertaking other initiatives designed to build business, but TeamLogic IT-Memphis moves a little bit faster than that. Owner Drayton Mayers began working toward earning a vendor-agnostic credential almost immediately after the company opened its doors — a move that has helped them win new clients and land new contracts.  

A Challenging but Worthwhile Process

Established in June of 2011, TeamLogic IT-Memphis is one of about 55 franchise units of Team Logic, a nationwide IT services provider. “We do some break-fix work, but we are primarily a managed service provider and value-added reseller,” Mayers said. “We concentrate heavily on the MSP side and project engagements.”

The company handles antivirus and spyware removal, cloud services, computer relocation/setup, computer repair, data backup/recovery, hardware/software configuration, help desk services, mobile device support, networking design/configuration, server installation/support, wireless network services/support, video surveillance security installation/maintenance, video conferencing and website solutions. The company also offers SystemWatch IT, a proactive customer data and network management program.

Mayers knew from the outset that different clients would require different solutions, but he also knew they shared one pressing need: airtight data security and privacy. “Every business owner wants to be assured of having the best protection for his or her data and network,” Mayers said.

The CompTIA Security Trustmark centers on best practices for providing such protection through infrastructure, personnel security and employee training. Attaining it immediately was therefore an imperative for Mayers.

To earn the Trustmark, TeamLogic IT completed several tasks, like methodically developing and documenting best practices and security procedures and following a four-month, two-level validation process. The business earned a passing score on a 121-question security control survey and a review of all company security policies and successfully completed a rigorous review of TeamLogic IT’s Security Trustmark assessment, best practices and documentation by an accredited third-party assessor.

After a long and reflective process, TeamLogic IT was awarded the CompTIA Security Trustmark in November of 2011. “The process was challenging, because data security is very complicated and has a lot of moving parts,” Mayers said. “But it turned out to be worthwhile.”

First Trustmark Recipient in the Tri-State Area

Developed and vetted by key IT vendors, solution providers and end-users, the CompTIA Security Trustmark supports TeamLogic IT in carrying out its mission to provide the highest level of security to its customers.

“Everything from best practices to the training of our team suits criteria set down by top IT security companies and fits into a framework developed by key IT vendors, solution providers and end-users,” Mayers said. This leads to top-notch data and network protection and, in turn, affords customers the caliber of experience that cultivates repeat business and referrals, he added.

Just as significantly, the CompTIA Security Trustmark verifies the company’s security commitment, sharpens its competitive edge and opens doors to new business opportunities. “Earning this credential was and is an extension of our drive to be the best, most reputable IT services provider in our region, which of course means keeping security a top priority,” Mayers said. “We are also the first and only CompTIA Security Trustmark recipient not only in Memphis, but in the tri-state region of Tennessee, Arkansas and Mississippi,” he said.

Given the choice between TeamLogic IT-Memphis or going elsewhere, prospective clients look at the credential and opt for his company, Mayers said. For example, the company was recently approached by a prospective client whose previous MSP had not taken the steps to properly back up and safeguard its data. The fact that TeamLogic IT had earned the CompTIA Security Trustmark served as reassurance that this would not happen if it were to hire the firm as its MSP, and a contract was signed.

TeamLogic IT also credits the Trustmark for helping win an engagement to conduct a security risk assessment for a local hospital, a gig that turned into more steady work later.

“The CompTIA Security Trustmark is a sign of true distinction,” Mayers said. “Every IT service provider will be rewarded for their investment in earning it.”

For more on CompTIA Trustmarks and how the business credential can differentiate your company as a leader with proven best practices and consistent customer service, visit the newly revamped CompTIA website.

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