Can AI Solve the Pre-Interview Jitters?

With AI on the rise within the tech industry, Google’s new Interview Warmup AI program helps tech prospects prepare for job interviews.

Male smiling and wearing headphones taking notes from laptopGoogle’s newly released artificial intelligence (AI) program called Interview Warmup has started a buzz among the technology community. Using AI to provide free, accessible and quick feedback to interview answers specific to the technology industry may allow IT pros to have a much higher chance of a successful interview. With the technology market continually becoming more competitive, improving your interview skills is critical to landing the job you desire.

What Is Google Interview Warmup?

This voice-enabled AI program will first ask you which field you want to practice interviewing for (IT support, data analytics, etc.). It then asks five industry-specific questions that cover background, situational and technical topics, to which you will respond via voice or by typing.

After you answer all the questions, the AI tool will provide suggestions and observations based on the answers given. The AI highlights insights such as repeated words and the number of job-related words spoken. The goal of this AI program is to allow users to have “a judgment-free zone for anyone who wants a little practice interviewing.” However, the program doesn’t give you a grade or score; it only provides data on linguistical and grammatical content.

How Can AI Help Job Seekers?

Why did this AI program create such interest? First, the program allows you to practice on your own and still gain feedback, as opposed to scheduling time with someone else. Second, the program provides valuable data points to help you improve the flow and sophistication of your answers.

This program can be a great tool for those who have trouble with or don’t have much experience with the interview process. In a world where more companies are leaning toward AI processes, this program can give people a glimpse of what an AI interview may feel like.

What Is the AI Missing?

 There are certain aspects of interview training that AI can’t replicate in the same manner.

“Interviews are more than just the answers you give, but also it’s just the level of connection you can make with a person,” job interview coach Mia Williams told the Huffington Post.

With no video camera interface or avatar used by the AI program, the environment of Interview Warmup is much different than the traditional face-to-face interview that is still dominant in the workforce. Furthermore, while Interview Warmup can help you articulate yourself better, the AI doesn’t consider certain factors like facework, voice and tone, and posture, which are critical to the success of an interview.

Having someone replicate the actual interview experience with you to provide feedback on aspects other than your response to questions is essential when practicing for an interview. You can have the most technical and comprehensive answers, but if the delivery of the message doesn’t resonate with the interviewer, it will be hard for them to envision you in the role.

Additionally, those who are preparing for specific skilled or higher-level jobs may find the questions too general and short. The AI program seems to cater to those who may be starting off in the industry or are having trouble with the logistical side of an interview.

What Other Interview Tools Are Out There?

An alternate option that may provide more holistic feedback is an online platform called Pramp. This service pairs you with a peer that is in your same field for a video call. Using the interview questions provided by the website, both participants will get the chance to speak, listen and provide feedback for each other.

Given that this service is free and one can schedule an interview at any time, this is a great option for those looking for a face-to-face experience, as well as getting feedback from someone in the same industry. In addition, this platform offers paid 1-on-1 coaching from current managers and leaders in companies like Google, Amazon, PayPal and more. Getting connected with an expert who knows exactly what interviewers are looking for is very beneficial, which is a benefit that AI cannot provide.

What Is the Consensus on Interview Warmup?

Being able to look at statistics and data that AI can provide is extremely helpful for evaluating one’s performance and areas of improvement. However, it can’t fully replace the experience of unique human perspective, as there are certain skills that require human feedback.

Similar to editing and revising a paper in Microsoft Word, while the software helps correct grammatical errors, it doesn’t take into account writing styles and   author intention. AI certainly has advantageous aspects that should be researched and utilized; however, it should work in conjunction with human practice and interaction.

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