5 Tools To Make Mobility Work For You Now

Fueled by consumerism, cloud and an increasing demand for heightened productivity, mobility solutions are one of the most talked-about trends in IT. Learn all the spokes to this wheel with CompTIA’s latest resource bundle: Five Tools to Make Mobility Work.

Seth Robinson


Senior Director,
Technology Analysis

Today’s corporate world is about movement and flexibility, so it’s no wonder that cellphones, tablets and mobile devices are now ubiquitous in the workplace. Consumer behavior has created our appetite for these types of products, and mobility solutions for companies, employees and customers are following just behind.

Mobility is a tempting market for solution providers. CompTIA’s vendor-neutral position, coupled with our programs and communities, lets us craft highly customized research, guides and tools targeted to specific verticals and market segments.

To help you navigate the world of mobility, we’ve wrapped five essential mobility resources into one package. Register free of charge and head over to our Insight & Tools page to start downloading. 

What’s in the Mobility Bundle

We offered 5 Tools to Jumpstart your Cloud a few months ago and it was a big success; we hope that you’ll find this mobility bundle useful as well. Combined, these tools offer a fast and convenient way for you to acquire both basic and in-depth knowledge about the mobility market that will help you guide business strategy and decisions that directly impact your bottom line.

The Mobility Bundle includes:

  1. A Research Brief: The Mobility Ecosystem
  2. A Quick Start Guide to Crafting a Mobility Offering
  3. The Buying Guide for Mobile Solutions
  4. The Mobile Device Management Playbook
  5. The Executive Certificate in Mobility Foundations  

Get the details and downloads here.

At CompTIA, we draw on our members’ expertise and experience to shape our products and services. A lot of the information featured in the Mobility Bundle comes from the knowledge, research studies and best practices of our members. Join one of the many CompTIA Communities and share your insight. It’s a process that helps shape the future of our industry.

Challenges, Opportunities

Bringing together consumer technology and enterprise needs is not just the biggest opportunity for solution providers in the enterprise mobility segment today — it’s also the biggest challenge. While some have jumped to the conclusion that BYOD is unstoppable, CompTIA’s research team has found that the reality is a bit more complicated.

We found that the biggest concern for companies who are considering mobility solutions is the mobility skill level of their employees. Just like we’ve had to learn a basic level of Internet-smarts with the rise of the Internet two decades ago, there’s an apparent gap in mobile-smarts that must be closed. Most folks are used to using mobile devices for personal gain, like tracking calories on a fitness app, but not everyone knows how to configure an email application away from a desktop computer.

Add the complexity of a corporate IT structure and more experienced employees who are trying to find ways around limitations around company policies to be able to use their device the way they want and you have a significant challenge on your hands — and a big opportunity. That’s why 5 Tools to Make Mobility Work goes beyond devices and setup. Mobile device management is also about human management.

The Mobility Bundle is accessible to CompTIA Registered Users and Premier Members — read about both options and choose the type of membership that suits you best.

Seth Robinson is CompTIA’s senior director of technology analysis.

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