Who We Are

CompTIA Advocacy: advancing legislative policies that drive innovation and growth in the digital economy

CompTIA Advocacy supports legislative policies that advance free and open competition, promote a highly educated and technical workforce, encourage collaboration and cooperation in ideas and technology, and advance regulations that positively impact the ability of the private sector to effectively research, develop, integrate, manufacture, service and freely sell solutions in the global marketplace.

  • CompTIA State Government Affairs (SGA): We are a 50-state advocacy operation providing state-level tracking, lobbying and grassroots support for the tech industry. As the only advocacy network of its kind in the industry, we have the ability to interact with local legislators, impacting an issue in any state on a moment’s notice. We promote policies that advance innovation and business opportunities that are in the best interests of the technology industry.
  • CompTIA Federal Policy: We support the "innovator class of America," the entrepreneurial individuals and companies that are the critical backbone in supporting broader commerce and job creation. In an environment of challenging policy and regulatory landscapes, we advance policy solutions that support the health of our nation’s “tech ecosystem” – whether for the largest IT enterprise company or the smallest IT solution provider.
  • Trade Regulation & Compliance: We monitor customs and export laws and regulations in Washington D.C. and in major trading partner countries, and we press for action on the issues most critical to our members. Through advocacy, regulatory updates, and facilitation of educational events we aid our technology companies in their ability adhere to trade laws, strengthen their internal compliance programs, and find cost savings where possible in the exercise of global trade.

CompTIA Advisory Council on Policy (CACP)

TheCompTIA Advisory Council on Policy (CACP) is comprised of appointed volunteers from member companies within the IT Channel that wish to be engaged and make a contribution to the discussion of policy and the way in which it impacts the IT industry. Their mission is to provide guidance and direction to the CompTIA Public Advocacy team on matters of importance to the IT Channel and the IT industry as a whole. They are also charged with keeping the broader CompTIA membership informed and engaged on public advocacy issues and progress; and assisting staff in promoting Public Advocacy in general as a key pillar of CompTIA’s mission.