Policy Priorities

Support Policies that Enable Government and Private Sector to Build a Culture of Cybersecurity


Our cybersecurity infrastructure is under constant attack from nation-states, organized crime groups, and rogue individuals who wish to do our nation harm. Industry owns and operates 80% of our nation’s critical infrastructure which makes the partnership between the private sector and government imperative when it comes to our nation’s cybersecurity.

CompTIA supports policies that will:

  • Enable the government and the private sector to build a culture of cybersecurity.
  • Preserve the vitality of innovation and promote the sector’s ability to respond to constantly evolving cyber threats including:
    • Policies that require and facilitate governmentwide coordination on cybersecurity strategy.
    • Support industry’s voluntary adoption of federal cybersecurity frameworks.
    • Encourage further information sharing between the government and private sector.
    • Promote organizations implementing best practices in cyber hygiene in order to support a proactive cybersecurity culture within organizations.

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Committee Lead

Savannah Schaefer
Sr. Director, Public Advocacy