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The Broadband & Telecommunications Committee advocates for policies impacting the Internet economy that ensure innovation and economic growth. The Internet is the infrastructure of the global economy, and making sure that policies keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology is essential to the future of our industry's competitiveness on a worldwide scale.

The Committee's primary goals are maintaining an open Internet, encouraging deployment of new, faster broadband networks, and finding ways to get more Americans online. Specific initiatives include advocating for the removal of barriers to the deployment of high-speed broadband networks and finding ways to make more spectrum available for both licensed and unlicensed use.

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Blog Posts

  • An Informative Overview of Government Priorities Shared during Capitol Hill Speakers Series at Fly-In

    by Lana Sansur | Feb 19, 2018
    On the morning February 14, we held the Capitol Hill Speaker Series at the 2018 CompTIA DC Fly-In. It featured high-ranking officials from the Federal Communications Commission and the Department of Homeland Security and provided Fly-In attendees with an informative overview of government priorities for the coming year around the tech agenda. It also gave attendees added knowledge of tech issues before hitting the halls of Congress for Fly-In meetings.
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  • Spectrum: The Fuel for 5G and IoT Discussed During the Tech Policy Summit at DC Fly In

    by Lana Sansur | Feb 19, 2018
    Earlier this year, the FCC concluded its broadcast incentive auction, which repurposed 84 MHz of low-band broadcast spectrum for (primarily) licensed wireless use. While this spectrum will go a long way towards boosting wireless connectivity and capacity, it represents what is likely the last time such a large swath of low-band spectrum (below 3 Ghz) will ever be available at auction.
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  • “Restoring Internet Freedom” Means Ending Net Neutrality

    by Matthew Starr | Dec 04, 2017
    On the afternoon before Thanksgiving, the FCC released a highly-anticipated draft of the Restoring Internet Freedom Order its commissioners will vote on in the Commission’s December 14 open meeting. The order, which will likely pass on a 3-2 party line vote, follows through on Chairman’s Pai’s proposal earlier this year to reclassify broadband back to an “information service” and largely eliminates all of the net neutrality rules the Commission passed in 2015.
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Press Releases

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