What is CapWiz?

CapWiz is an online tool that supports CompTIA's grassroots advocacy efforts. We're using this application to

  • Create "Action Alerts" on issues or legislation items that are provided to all CompTIA and State Technology Council partners. 
  • Facilitate contact between individuals and elected officials.

How to use CapWiz

  1. Sign up: If you have not already opted in to receive CapWiz alerts from CompTIA, send us an email at and we'll sign you up.
  2. Contact your representative: When you receive an alert, it'll take just a few clicks to send the attached letter to your elected representatives in Washington, D.C. We'll include step-by step instructions how to send the letter in every alert.
  3. Spread the word: Let your colleagues know about the campaign. Encourage them to sign up as well. You can forward the action alert and ask them to send it to their elected representatives as well.

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Why does CapWiz matter?

Advocacy comes in many shapes and forms. In-person interaction with members of Congress and their staff is ideally the best form of communication and is enhanced by our annual D.C. Fly-In.

Since not everyone can make the trip to Washington, D.C., we can use CapWiz to help generate communication between members of Congress and our association membership in a unified fashion. While social media is rapidly gaining prominence in this regard, the good old fashioned "letter campaign" still has merit. It allows our advocacy staff to develop a letter that can be sent easily to members of Congress with a single click.

To help amplify important messages, we have equipped our advocacy partners across the country, for use with state and local advocacy efforts. Use of CapWiz is currently coordinated through the CompTIA website. Federal Action Alerts are posted by CompTIA staff.