Kali Linux Overview: Tips, Tricks and Traps for Cybersecurity Professionals

Like it or not, Kali Linux (a version of Linux that already has many security tools incorporated within it) has become the poster child for penetration testing.. It’s used throughout the industry by cybersecurity professionals and “script kiddies” alike. In his next Office Hours session, CompTIA Chief Technology Evangelist Dr. James Stanger will take a more in-depth look at the tools Kali has to offer.

More importantly, James will investigate the techniques and procedures that tend to set the cybersecurity professionals apart from the rest. He will also spend time contextualizing these tools in the larger activities of the penetration tester, as well as the in the duties of other job roles, such as the security analyst. For example, James will explain how to configure tools such as Shodan, Nmap, Maltego and Metasploit to work together for passive and active scanning. James will also profile tools such as BeEf, Netcat and John the Ripper.

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