Press Releases

U.S. IT Sector Employment Reverses Course, Sheds 3,000 Jobs in April, CompTIA Analysis Finds

May 05, 2017

State grant helps Mission launch Cybersecurity bootcamp; Effort provides 4 CompTIA certifications in lucrative field

May 04, 2017

U.S. Tech Industry Exported $309 Billion in Products and Services in 2016, CompTIA Analysis Finds

May 03, 2017

Guy Fruda of Deloitte Named Chair of Creating IT Futures

May 01, 2017

Registration Open, Call for Speakers Issued for CompTIA ChannelCon 2017

Apr 26, 2017

New Mindset Required to Respond to Cyber Threats, CompTIA Study Asserts

Apr 25, 2017

CompTIA Business Applications Advisory Council will Examine New Realities of Technology Marketplace

Apr 24, 2017

CompTIA Welcomes Burhani™ Managed IT Services to its Premier Membership Roster

Apr 20, 2017

UK Technology Jobs Already in High Demand for 2017, Analysis Finds

Apr 19, 2017

TechGirlz Offers Free Computer Classes to Chicago Middle School Girls

Apr 18, 2017

Creating IT Futures, Minneapolis Urban League & City of Minneapolis Bring IT-Ready Career Program Downtown

Apr 17, 2017

10 on Tech: CompTIA Highlights Strength of Illinois Technology Industry to Mark Information Technology Month

Apr 04, 2017

Creating IT Futures Opens Free IT Training & Career Program for Adults in Portland, Ore.

Apr 03, 2017

US Tech Sector Employment Approaches Seven Million

Apr 03, 2017

Alabama Technology Industry Added Workers in 2016

Apr 03, 2017

New Report Offers Details on Technology Industry in Alaska

Apr 03, 2017

Arizona Technology Industry Added 2,500-Plus Workers in 2016

Apr 03, 2017

Arkansas Technology Industry Added Jobs in 2016

Apr 03, 2017

California Technology Industry Added More Than 48,500 Jobs in 2016

Apr 03, 2017

Colorado Technology Industry Added 6,700 Workers in 2016

Apr 03, 2017