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Tech Groups Applaud Passage of Trade Promotion Authority

Jun 24, 2015

CompTIA, TECNA and 27 Regional Tech Councils Appreciate the

Quick Work of Senate to Pass Legislation


WASHINGTON, – CompTIA, TECNA and 27 regional tech councils praise the efforts of the U.S. Senate in passing Trade Promotion Authority.  The vote was 60-38, following another close vote in the House last week, 218-208.  This legislation will now go to the President to be signed into law.  In recent weeks, these tech groups and their thousands of members have been encouraging Members of Congress to support this critical legislation.

“This legislation will allow our government to advance trade agreements that will boost U.S. technology company exports, establish a level playing field for our goods and services, and in turn grow the U.S. economy,” said Elizabeth Hyman, executive vice president, CompTIA. “Now, our U.S. negotiators can complete work on a much-awaited Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement between the United States and eleven other Asia-Pacific countries, including Japan, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Brunei Darussalam.  We are excited about working with the Administration to ensure successful completion and proper implementation of not just the TPP, but also other important negotiations underway, and we look forward to the opportunity to review these various agreements and provide constructive industry perspectives.”  

In recent years, negotiation of new trade agreements has proceeded amidst uncertainty, because trade promotion authority expired in 2007 had not been renewed by Congress until now.  By re-instating TPA, Congress has provided a framework for the Administration to submit trade agreements to Congress for an up or down vote.  Without this structure, Congress’ consideration of trade agreement could become bogged down with amendments requiring any agreement to be re-negotiated with multiple countries. 

International trade is vital to the American tech industry. In 2014, manufactured tech goods exported from the U.S. totaled $209 billion, while imported tech goods totaled $366 billion.  Also, exports for tech manufacturing, services and sales through foreign affiliates reached more than $500 billion. For the year before, U.S. tech services and software exports totaled $106 billion.

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