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Technology Groups Applaud Passage of Trade Promotion Authority

Jun 18, 2015

CompTIA, TECNA and 27 Regional Tech Councils Applaud House Passage of TPA

WASHINGTON, D.C. – CompTIA, TECNA and 27 regional tech councils praise the efforts of the U.S. House of Representatives for the passage of Trade Promotion Authority legislation today by a vote of 218-208. In recent weeks, these tech groups and their thousands of members have been encouraging Members of Congress to support this critical legislation. This TPA bill will now go to the Senate for consideration, as early as next week. 

“This legislation will facilitate access to expanded markets for U.S. for technology companies, boosting the U.S. economy and increasing American jobs,” said Elizabeth Hyman, executive vice president, CompTIA. “Trade promotion authority is critical to the completion of current trade negotiations, such as the Trans Pacific Partnership between the United States and Asia-Pacific region.”

“When a locally-designed microchip is sold to a foreign manufacturer, the United States economy grows,” said TECNA chairman Steven G. Zylstra, who is also president and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council. “When software developed in the U.S. is sold globally, it increases the tax base. Because the trade sector relies on local services, robust trade drives employment in virtually every industry. The Trade Promotion Authority bill that passed today would make it easier for Congress to negotiate trade agreements. Easier trade means a brighter future for the United States as a whole and the technology industry in particular.”

Since the 1930's, trade authority has been critical to the opening of new markets for American companies and workers. However, trade promotion authority was last enacted in 2002 and lapsed in 2007. Reenacting and updating TPA-2015 will be a major step in addressing new issues and challenges to doing business in the global marketplace that have emerged since the last iteration drafted over ten years ago.  TPA-2015 provides the necessary framework within which the Administration must address trade negotiations, including a streamlined process for Congress to vote up or down on any negotiated trade agreements.

International trade is vital to the American tech industry. In 2014, U.S. manufactured tech goods exported from the U.S. totaled $209 billion in 2014, while imported tech goods totaled $366 billion.

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