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  • Canadian Community Focuses on Changing Business Trends

    by Brian Sherman  | June 19, 2017
    Three of the most taxing concerns for today's channel professionals involve innovation, strategy, and shifts in sales methodologies. The CompTIA Canadian IT Business Community brought several experts into their latest meeting to share their experiences and insight in those areas and to conduct small group workshops to discuss individual challenges.
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  • ChannelTrends: Diversity Is the Future of IT

    by Brian Sherman  | June 14, 2017
    The IT industry must do a better job of attracting and properly preparing the next generation workforce for success, and outreach to underutilized communities is a great starting point. CompTIA's new Advancing Diversity in Technology Community is exploring options to help make that happen, developing programs to empower and expand the pool of talent available to IT companies.
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  • A Look Back At Intermedia's John Rice's Legacy of IT Industry Leadership

    by Brian Sherman  | June 08, 2017
    The business and technology lessons this 30-plus year member of CompTIA has to share are as relevant today as they were in the early 1980s. John Rice, Army veteran and longtime advocate of the IT channel remains a driving force behind industry initiatives and training.
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  • ChannelTrends: Predicting the Future as a Service

    by Brian Sherman  | June 02, 2017
    Now is the time for channel firms to explore new opportunities and develop closer relationships with their clients. To get a better understanding of those customers’ needs and aspirations, and gain more “wallet share” as they build useful, viable new practices. With a little time and training, IT services firms can be the "tech visionary" their clients need while boosting their own future prospects. .
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  • ChannelTrends: Why Are 21st Century MSPs Being Paid Like it’s the 1990s?

    by Brian Sherman  | May 23, 2017
    Though many IT services firms have adopted the managed or cloud services recurring revenue model, a fair number of those companies are still using dates payment systems and processes. The tools and best practices are available for those looking to enter the age of improved cash flow.
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  • How to Work Smarter, Safer Online in Public Places

    by Natalie Hope McDonald  | May 18, 2017
    These days people work everywhere, which boosts productivity and makes for a wider world, but does come with risks. Here, cybersecurity experts weigh in on hotspots, mobile devices and more.
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  • ChannelTrends: The Shift from Tech to Training for IT Security

    by Brian Sherman  | May 16, 2017
    The big problem for IT security providers is that their tools no longer differentiate their businesses. The real value is ensuring that end users have the knowledge, skills and training to protect their organizations.
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  • CompTIA Guides Arrow on Cloud Selling Journey

    by Matthew Stern  | May 11, 2017
    Client interest in cloud is booming, and big-name hardware vendors like Oracle are meeting the demand. But where do partners fit? With an innovative, award-winning series of workshops built around CompTIA educational materials, Arrow’s Kirk Bohn has set out to help them understand – and succeed.
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  • No Experience Necessary? Best Practices in Hiring Recent Grads

    by Natalie Hope McDonald  | May 05, 2017
    Hiring recent college graduates can be difficult, as they likely lack the experience necessary to demonstrate their skills. But they can be assessed from different angles –such as volunteering in tech, their lifelong tech literacy and even their passion for gaming.
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  • ChannelTrends: The Art of Attracting and Retaining Next Generation Talent

    by Brian Sherman  | May 03, 2017
    Today’s tech entrepreneurs need to change their habits. The best and brightest job candidates often focus as much on the work environment and flex-time as they do salary and benefits. With IT talent in high demand, channel firms must be aware of the interests and needs of millennials and a cross-generational workforce if they hope to compete.
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  • USITO 2017 Fall Board Meeting in Beijing

    by Stefanie Holland | Dec 13, 2017
    On November 27-30, Liz Hyman and Stefanie Holland attended the U.S. Information Technology Office (USITO) Board meeting in Beijing, China. The delegation of nearly 40 representatives from tech companies and associations met with U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad and the embassy team.
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