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  • CompTIA Community Forum Set to Examine Tech from All Angles

    by Daniel Margolis  | February 21, 2018
    By bringing so many thought-leaders in tech together in one place and creating a space to share best practices and dialogue, the CompTIA Community Forum will impact the tech industry at large. Far from business as usual, CCF has the feel of a working meeting – moving items straight into action onsite.
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  • Mid-Market or Bust: Upstream Growth May Be the Next Big Thing

    by Brian Sherman  | February 20, 2018
    Change is coming fast, and the incoming generation of tech-savvy workers is only going to accelerate the transformation. It’s time for providers and others who haven’t already made the leap forward to get busy.
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  • Responsible Encryption: What it Could Really Mean for Cybersecurity

    by Natalie Hope McDonald  | February 15, 2018
    The battle lines in the potential legal war over encryption – privacy versus accessibility – have been drawn. Now the big question is what could happen next, and how could it impact consumers and cybersecurity overall.
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  • CompTIA’s 2018 Industry Outlook Report: 10 Things to Know

    by CompTIA  | February 09, 2018
    CompTIA’s 2018 Industry Outlook Report has arrived, providing us a roadmap to understanding the ongoing impact of technology on the business world in this transformative time. Take a look at 10 essential insights on what’s to come in 2018.
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  • CompTIA Technology Lifecycle Services Community Shows Great Momentum This Year

    by Cathy Alper and Kathleen Martin  | February 01, 2018
    TLS took great strides forward last year, as reflected from its name change from ITSS to TLS. Get a look at what the community has planned in 2018 and all its rich resources.
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  • Learn Why in 2018, CompTIA is Can’t Miss for Anyone in Tech

    by Nancy Hammervik  | January 30, 2018
    CompTIA works year-round to advance the technology industry on many fronts – from events to research and so much more. With all that in mind, we’d like to run down our plans for this year, so you’ve got it all in one place and get as excited as we are about CompTIA’s 2018!
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  • Calm, Common Sense Best Response to Processor Chips Security Flaw Disclosure

    by CompTIA  | January 25, 2018
    Taking care of the basics of computing is the most immediate step users should take to counter recently identified security flaws on processing chips. That’s the view of members of the CompTIA IT Security Community, a group of industry experts and leaders who monitor the fast-changing cybersecurity landscape.
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  • Eight Goals Every Business Owner Should Have This Year

    by Catherine Park  | January 23, 2018
    With the beginning of the New Year, people look to make a fresh start. This holds true in life… and in business. If you set some realistic yet powerful goals for the year, your business can evolve in ways you could never imagine. Read on and consider these eight potential goals as you chart your path through 2018.
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  • Six Trends in IT Security – and How CompTIA Can Help You React to Them

    by Estelle Johannes  | January 19, 2018
    IT security is a complex, continually changing field. Here are six ways in which it’s evolving and tools from CompTIA that will keep you, and your clients, safe.
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  • The Top Five IoT Opportunities for 2018 and Beyond

    by Brian Sherman  | January 18, 2018
    IoT is the perfect opportunity for those in the business of technology. Not just from an infrastructure perspective ‒ which many providers, vendors, and distributors have taken part in building and enhancing over the past several years ‒ but from all the related solution, support and consulting opportunities that come with it.
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