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  • ChannelTrends: Tech Data, Avnet and the Transformation of Distribution

    by Brian Sherman  | September 28, 2016
    Despite the negative expectations of some in the industry skeptics, a number of IT distribution companies continue to strengthen their channel value propositions and their business models. And, if the M&A activities of the last two months are any indication of what’s ahead, buckle your seat belts
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  • So Much is Available for You At This Year’s EMEACon

    by Kris Nagamootoo  | September 27, 2016
    Get an overview of the great sessions delegates can choose from at this year’s EMEACon.
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  • New Cloud Computing Research: The Devil’s in the Details

    by Seth Robinson  | September 27, 2016
    When you’re doing research, it’s great to see data that reinforces trends you’ve identified in the past. Especially with studies that are repeated on a regular basis, there’s hope and expectation that new findings will show steady progress in the themes from earlier years. This wasn’t the case with CompTIA’s new cloud computing research. Find out more here.
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  • Will ScanSource-Intelisys Deal Move the Convergence Dial?

    by Steve Ostrowski  | September 21, 2016
    Get an insightful take on ScanSource’s acquisition of Intelisys and five fast facts on the ScanSource-Intelisys deal.
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  • ChannelTrends: The Not So Dirty Little Secret About Managed Services

    by Brian Sherman  | September 21, 2016
    Many solution providers have been somewhat reluctant to discuss the true amount of break fix and onsite services they deliver. When you get a chance to dig into the details, you may find they're delivering a lot more of that support than you'd expect. Despite experts predicting that virtually every provider would be a "pure play MSP" by now, the reality is much different.
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  • Desktop-as-a-Service: Widely Deployed Yet Still in its Infancy

    by Ken Presti  | September 20, 2016
    We’re all familiar with the rigors of getting new technologies deployed in the customer’s environment, but sometimes even technologies that are widely deployed suffer from poor uptake and require a little help from channel partners in building customer enthusiasm. Here we look at desktop-as-a-service as an example.
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  • CompTIA Quick Takes: Requests for Proposals

    by CompTIA  | September 20, 2016
    Technology customers love RFPs because they help to navigate the sale. But IT channel partners sometimes see RFPs as a waste of time that too often fall short of signed contracts. CompTIA's Ken Presti provides this Quick Take on how RFPs can be a valuable sales and marketing tool when they are answered efficiently and effectively.
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  • EMEACon’s Great Line-Up Runs from Olympians to Expert Authors

    by Simon Dobson  | September 19, 2016
    Read about the great sessions and speakers attending this year’s EMEACon and why it’s not to be missed.
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  • ChannelTrends: 6 Best Practices When Building an Advanced Security Practice

    by Brian Sherman  | September 14, 2016
    Despite the growing number of channel firms offering basic data and network protection today, it’s simply not enough just to counter the basic threats today. Security has to move from a line item in the portfolio to a more highly advanced, proactive management service. It’s a true consulting focus that can be best summarized with six industry best practices.
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  • CyberSecure Can Help Guard Your Company Against an Unseen Threat – Human Error

    by Kris Nagamootoo  | September 13, 2016
    In the digital age, employees can be the weak link in your cyber-defence strategy. Discover how to educate and shape behaviours with our free member benefit – CyberSecure.
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