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  • ChannelTrends: The Art of Reinvention

    by Brian Sherman  | December 02, 2016
    Change is a necessary component of every business, especially for those in the IT industry. Innovation and complexity require continual transformation today. Those who don’t keep pace may quickly find themselves behind the competition. They may also end up losing that “trusted advisor” and “chief innovation officer” status their customers have anointed them with. So how can IT services providers boost their capabilities and reinvent their businesses for the future?
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  • CompTIA Holds Its Most Successful ANZ Channel Community Meeting to Date

    by Moheb Moses  | November 29, 2016
    CompTIA held its most successful Australia and New Zealand Channel Community meeting to date in Sydney on Wednesday 9 November 2016. The event, which attracted a record number of 110-plus attendees, focused on how the ANZ channel can increase sales in the New Year.
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  • ChannelTrends: It’s Not Easy to Build (and Keep) a Great Business Reputation

    by Brian Sherman  | November 22, 2016
    How important is your company's reputation? A brand with broad customer support is a real differentiator when competing for new business, while a less than stellar record of achievement puts them at a significant disadvantage. Do you understand what it takes to control the narrative when something threatens your message or brand?
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  • What is the New Future of Satellite Broadband Services?

    by David Logsdon  | November 22, 2016
    The timing is right for satellite derived broadcast services. There is pent-up demand for data across different verticals and because of the Internet of Things, we are seeing the emergence of fascinating new services across industries and across geographical borders.
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  • IT-Ready Class Increases Students’ Passion for Education and Tech

    by Daniel Margolis  | November 21, 2016
    One of the benefits of your CompTIA membership is giving back. Your involvement in the association helps build IT careers for people from all walks of life, boosting the workforce and our industry. So, as we head into Thanksgiving, learn how a class of students is thankful for our work in technology and education.
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  • Channel Partners Come Calling: Easing the Threat to IT

    by Joel Sorensen  | November 18, 2016
    Joel Sorensen, CIO of Hantover Inc. and member of the CompTIA End User Commission, shares his thoughts on channel partners.
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  • ChannelTrends: Stronger Partner Relationships, Bigger Business Prospects

    by Brian Sherman  | November 18, 2016
    Partnerships are a crucial element of the IT channel and they come in all shapes and forms. But how can solution providers possibly be expected to work effectively with the dozens of vendors in their supply chain? The truth is, they shouldn’t.
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  • From Backup to DRaaS, the Real Disaster is the Revenue You’re Losing

    by Janet O’Sullivan  | November 14, 2016
    Janet O’Sullivan, channel marketing manager at StorageCraft, shares her advice on how to grow revenue and migrate from backup to disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Having worked in the channel for many years, Janet currently help partners to overcome challenges and help develop business.
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  • ChannelTrends: Let’s Get Physical

    by Brian Sherman  | November 11, 2016
    What many providers fail to remember is that their customers’ protection concerns often go beyond the network. Ensuring a safe and secure workplace is just as important of a responsibility, and not something they would just hand off to anyone. They look to those they not only trust, but who have the necessary skills to support their physical security systems and strategies. The question many in the channel continue to ask is if these technologies present a viable opportunity for their business. In many cases, the answer is a resounding "YES."
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  • Four Ways MSPs and Vendors Can Become Business BFFs

    by Samantha Ciaccia  | November 09, 2016
    The importance of vendors courting their partners means more than ever now. With that in mind, here are four ways managed service providers and vendors can become best friends forever!
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  • Women in Technology Summit Hits Chicago and Takes on Gender Gap

    by Donia Moustafa | Jun 14, 2018
    WiTS seeks to support the community of women currently working in technology and help pave the way for women, especially young women, to enter the industry. There was something for everyone here; with presentations on tech topics such as artificial intelligence, smart cities, wearable tech or implanted technological devices in medicine.
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