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  • Health Care Under Siege: How One of The Most At-Risk Industries Can Avoid Cyber-Attacks

    by Natalie Hope McDonald  | January 12, 2017
    IT pros are working with health care companies to guard against cyber-attacks. Find out what you can do now to prevent breaches that can cost companies millions in cleanup and compromised brand image.
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  • ChannelTrends: The Right Time to Sell Your IT Business

    by Brian Sherman  | January 12, 2017
    When combined with the growing population of “financial entrepreneurs” in the IT industry, the number of prospective business sales will continue to escalate over the next few years. But how long will the demand keep up with the supply? As they say, timing is everything.
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  • Indirectly Speaking: Amazon, Managed Services and Retooling Your Business

    by Carolyn April  | January 06, 2017
    Should Amazon’s foray into managed services be a major concern to MSPs? In some regards, yes, but only if providers fail to adapt and double down on their customer focus. Rather than viewing Amazon’s move as an immediate competitive threat, MSPs should consider it a catalyst for retooling their own businesses.
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  • ChannelTrends: Fantastic Solutions and Where to Find Them

    by Brian Sherman  | January 05, 2017
    Do you have a good understanding of what each of your customer’s employees do with their individual devices and applications? What solutions could boost their productivity or make their work more enjoyable? Successful IT services firms know the answers to those questions — or at least how to find them. Fantastic solutions begin (and end) with the end users.
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  • ChannelTrends: The Top Industry Stories to Watch for in 2017

    by Brian Sherman  | December 29, 2016
    What will 2017 bring for the IT channel? Providers will certainly continue to assess and strengthen their business models measure the long-term viability and profitability of their offerings, and identify growth opportunities. They will transform and innovate. But which trends will entice IT service providers to make a shift (or at least set the wheels in motion) in 2017? Here are five of the most likely drivers:
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  • ChannelTrends: The Top Five Industry Stories of 2016

    by Brian Sherman  | December 22, 2016
    Which stories were of most importance to the channel in 2016? With so many to choose from, we narrowed it down to the five that should have a major impact on the IT industry for years to come.
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  • Six Steps to Minimize the Risk of Ransomware

    by Joe Priestley  | December 21, 2016
    Joe Priestley, IT Director for Corn Belt Energy, shares his thoughts on minimizing the risks of ransomware.
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  • How to Build Your Sales Playbook

    by Cassandra Anderson  | December 19, 2016
    Cassandra Anderson, vice president of channel, sales operations and marketing at Crexendo, shares her thoughts on sales playbooks.
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  • Introduce Young Women to Technology with Revamped Dream IT Career Resource Center

    by Michelle Lange  | December 15, 2016
    Use the fresh content, a new design and improved navigation of the Dream IT Career Resource Center to introduce young women to the opportunities available in technology.
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  • ChannelTrends: How is the Consumerization of IT Impacting Your Business?

    by Brian Sherman  | December 15, 2016
    Are consumer tech products and applications a concern, opportunity or both for the channel? Providers may not have to integrate or support every device someone brings into the workplace or every solution uploaded on a laptop , but they should have a say in how they are used or deployed. The consumerization of IT definitely presents new challenges to solution providers, but those who understand its value to their clients will reap the rewards from delivering additional network, security and support services.
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  • Blockchain Opportunities on the Rise

    by CompTIA | Jul 16, 2018
    While cryptocurrencies may rule the headlines, technology solution providers have a great opportunity to help their customers navigate the opportunities available in blockchain technology. Check out this informative video to learn more.
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