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  • Master Alternate Channels with the New Business Application Advisory Council

    by Brian Sherman  | March 31, 2017
    CompTIA’s new Business Application Advisory Council (BAAC) is a prime example of the association's forward-thinking philosophy. Tasked with examining and creating initiatives around the complex and rapidly evolving business arena for technology, the group tackled channel transformation and a host of other related topics at this years's Annual Member Meeting. What should IT vendors and providers expect in the future?
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  • What Customers Say When You Ask the Right Questions: Lessons from CompTIA AMM

    by Brian Sherman  | March 28, 2017
    As members of the CompTIA End User Commission emphasized during their open forum discussion with the joint CompTIA Councils and Communities at AMM, IT providers need to engage in deeper, broader conversations with their business customers. The most successful VARs and MSPs are those who are truly enlightened on the unique needs of their clients.How do they do it? Read on...
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  • Women in Technology: Four Ways You Can Move the Needle

    by Michelle Lange  | March 27, 2017
    From big initiatives to casual conversations, there are plenty of things you can do to bring more women into technology jobs — and keep them there.
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  • Learn Why College is the X-Factor in Founding Start-Ups

    by Daniel Margolis  | March 27, 2017
    CompTIA’s Future Leaders Community met at the association’s Annual Member Meeting, boasting a big highlight in Stanford student, start-up founder and philanthropist Aanikh Kler.
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  • New Advancing Diversity in Technology Community Sets It Course at AMM

    by Brian Sherman  | March 27, 2017
    How can the IT industry reduce its growth limiting skills gap? By encouraging and empowering members of the black and Hispanic communities, and that's a key goal of the new Advancing Diversity in Technology (ADIT) Community. How will they do it? The details (and options) were major topics during the CompTIA Annual Member meeting in Chicago.
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  • The Language of Business Relevance Taught at CompTIA AMM

    by Steve Ostrowski  | March 24, 2017
    Managed services providers (MSPs) able to speak “the language of business relevance” with customers and prospects are the companies that will be best positioned to capture business in the SMB market. That message was one of the key takeaways from a discussion on “Maximizing Opportunities in the SMB Market,” part of the CompTIA Managed Services Community meeting Wednesday, March 22, 2017, held during the association’s 2017 Annual Member Meeting.
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  • AWIT Speakers Promote Mentoring, Planning and Networking Throughout Your Career

    by Michelle Lange  | March 24, 2017
    Using a TED Talk format, AWIT experts offered insight on career planning, management and how to plan for retirement at CompTIA AMM this week.
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  • Women in Tech Trailblazer Tracy Pound: CompTIA’s 2016 Member of the Year

    by Michelle Lange  | March 22, 2017
    MaximITy CEO Tracy Pound keeps her cherry red manicure in check, prefers fast cars and refuses to back down.
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  • Autodesk’s Tom Wujec Highlights the Rapid Pace of Tech Change at CompTIA AMM

    by Daniel Margolis  | March 22, 2017
    Tom Wujec, Autodesk fellow, TED speaker, author and Singularity University professor hit the stage for the breakfast keynote today at CompTIA’s Annual Member Meeting at the Swissotel in Chicago, held March 20 to 23, framing his remarks around three questions: How is tech changing? How is it affecting industries? And how is it affecting our ability to come up with creative solutions
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  • Exploring the “New Competition” at the Annual Member Meeting

    by Brian Sherman  | March 22, 2017
    Who are the new competitors to traditional IT channel companies? They may come from adjacent industries or alternate channels using cloud and vertical relationships to expand their presence. The Power Talk panel session, 'Who are Your New Competitors?' addressed the challenges and opportunities these organizations present to the IT services community. .
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  • Winter Is Coming If You’re Not Ready For A Data Breach

    by Matthew Stern | Oct 18, 2018
    In Game of Thrones, Eddard “Ned” Stark warns that the winter is coming; demanding constant vigilance. Businesses may think they’re doing just that regarding their cybersecurity, but a recent CompTIA study shows they might not be as safe as they believe they are.
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