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  • Cert Shelf Life

    by Matt Swanston  | January 12, 2010
    What was true and cutting-edge in IT three years ago isn’t necessarily either today.That’s one of the reasons behind our new certification renewal policy, which puts a 3-year shelf life on CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ certifications.The new policy doesn’t mean you have to take or pay for a new certification exam every three years. Things like publishing IT articles or blog entries, attending a conference or seminar, or even obtaining other industry certifications can count ...
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  • Put Food on the Table

    by Lisa Fasold  | January 11, 2010
    While the economy continues to improve, some workers are still struggling to put food on the table and take care of their families. Many are hard-working and dedicated individuals who have had to turn their professional lives upside down in this turbulent market.When the market gives us lemons, it’s time to make lemonade with a tried-and-true recipe. Education and certifications give professionals the boost they need to differentiate themselves and gain employment. At the CompTIA Educational Fou ...
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  • But Can You Sell IT?

    by Matt Swanston  | January 09, 2010
    I can’t remember the last time I asked a tech salesperson to recommend something.  Sure, I’ll ask if they have something in stock or what something costs, but nothing more.  And inevitably while I’m standing there, I’ll hear someone given the wrong specifications for a product or told that it is compatible with something it isn’t.Unfortunately, under-qualified salespeople are at work selling products and services from all levels of all industries.  The result too is universal – no one is happy.  ...
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  • Wireless Applications Open Up Significant Opportunities for MSPs and VARs

    by Todd Thibodeaux  | December 30, 2009
    With the launch of the CLEAR WiMAX network in select US cities we’re going to begin to understand what kinds of applications true mobile broadband can begin to power. And whether it ends up being WiMAX, Long Term Evolution (LTE a competitor to WiMAX), or new hybrids yet to emerge in the big spectrum chunk left open by the US transition to HDTV earlier this year, wireless applications are going to open up significant opportunities for MSPs and VARs. Here’s a few ways I think those opportunities w ...
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  • Five Events That Impacted the IT Industry in 2009

    by Todd Thibodeaux  | December 29, 2009
    Looking back over the IT news from 2009, I’m struck by a handful of shifts and trends that will have a lasting impact on the IT industry. Here are my top five: The financial meltdown – what started as a panic at the end of 2008 ran well into 2009 with companies laying off staff and seeing some of their worst quarters in history during the first six months of the year. While the banking system has become more stable, credit is still at a trickle. Mergers to add services – Dell, HP, Xerox and othe ...
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  • IT Skills Give Vets a New Start

    by Lisa Fasold  | December 28, 2009
    With the war still raging in Iraq and Afghanistan, we often focus on the vets who are just now transitioning from military service to private life. But IT skills can help vets of any age find new career opportunities. Take Gary William I. Anthony of San Antonio, Texas, a recent graduate of the CompTIA Educational Foundation’s Creating Futures training.Recently Gary accepted an initial IT job as a network tech to pull cable with a U.S. government subcontractor in Afghanistan, beginning in early n ...
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  • Podcast: New Horizons CEO Mark Miller on Getting America Back To Work

    by Matt Swanston  | December 24, 2009
    In this edition, Mark A. Miller, President and CEO of New Horizons Computer Learning Centers describes his interest in CompTIA’s Getting America Back To Work program.  Download the MP3 file.[podcast][/podcast]
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  • Five Takeaways from Potomac TechWire’s Venture Capital Outlook 2010

    by Tim Herbert  | December 23, 2009
    Prognosticators come in many flavors. In my opinion, the ones who actually put real money at risk provide some of the most useful insights. I recently attended Potomac TechWire’s annual Venture Capital Outlook breakfast roundtable, held just outside of Washington, DC. With panelists from New Atlantic Ventures, Columbia Capital, Calvert Funds, Valhalla Partners and LaunchBox Digital, there was a wide range of expertise, investment styles and opinions.Even for those far removed from the VC world, ...
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  • Kudos and Awards for CompTIA

    by Matt Swanston  | December 23, 2009
    We’re ending the year right, ranking on several top lists of 2009. Channel Insider noted CompTIA’s success in its end-of-year Bull’s Eye Awards, bestowing upon us the “Challenger” designation for being a vibrant Channel Community and for CEO Todd being a top IT industry influencer.  The magazine praised Todd’s leadership in encouraging community and collaboration, noting, “Thibodeaux has infused a level of energy and activity in CompTIA not seen i ...
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  • What is Green IT?

    by Todd Thibodeaux  | December 22, 2009
    So much of the Green IT revolution is yet to be defined and I’m not even sure we’ve really gotten started. We’re beginning to get a good handle on how to market and sell software as a service (SaaS) while managed services and cloud computing are becoming less foggy. However, the Green IT revolution has lagged behind. Here are some of the reasons for this:Green IT has a lot of moving pieces and dependencies – In the broadest sense Green IT will include the power grid, smart buildings, telepresenc ...
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  • Women in Technology Summit Hits Chicago and Takes on Gender Gap

    by Donia Moustafa | Jun 14, 2018
    WiTS seeks to support the community of women currently working in technology and help pave the way for women, especially young women, to enter the industry. There was something for everyone here; with presentations on tech topics such as artificial intelligence, smart cities, wearable tech or implanted technological devices in medicine.
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