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  • Urging Congress to apply stimulus to VARs

    by Matt Swanston  | December 14, 2009
    On Tuesday Dec. 15th CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux and a delegation of CompTIA and the Technology Leadership Political Action Committee (TLPAC) companies will attend five Congressional Committee meetings with key House and Senate committees and staff to pitch a number of proposals to help VARs weather the recession and create jobs. The mini-fly-in led by Todd and CompTIA Treasurer Oli Thordarson will include an explanation of the “Growth Tech Capital Initiative” designed to apply stimu ...
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  • Your Donation Counts Double

    by Lisa Fasold  | December 14, 2009
    Last week at its December board meeting, CompTIA renewed its commitment to match cash and in-kind donations of as much as $1 million per year to the CompTIA Educational Foundation for the next five years. That means your donation counts double.For the past two years, the dollar-for-dollar match has allowed the Foundation to help more than 1,100 individuals in need launch a career in IT. Bob O’Malley, chairman of CompTIA and the CompTIA Educational Foundation, and president and CEO of InFocus, re ...
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  • Charity Doesn’t Have To Be Entirely Selfless

    by Lisa Fasold  | December 11, 2009
    Want to give back while widening your brand with the newest bright stars in our industry?  Let us help!With the CompTIA Education Foundation, you can establish merit award scholarships in your name for students pursuing IT careers. When you endow the IT Merit Awards Scholarships, you can designate the scholarships to a preferred under-represented population or to a geographic location where you do business. You even can make the scholarship presentations, thereby creating a positive publicity op ...
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  • Government's Role in SMB IT Stimulation

    by Matt Swanston  | December 11, 2009
    At last week’s jobs summit the President heard from business, labor and academic leaders as they brainstormed about getting America back to work. Over the past decade, small businesses have created between 60 to 80 percent of net new jobs, as well as countless technological innovations.  Yet the major role small businesses play in our economy and job creation was seemingly downplayed at the summit.Next week in Washington, CompTIA’s Public Policy office will host several small, California tech co ...
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  • Team-Building Fundraiser Brings Out Employee Creativity and Raises $50,000

    by Lisa Fasold  | December 11, 2009
    We challenged our employees last summer to a staff fundraising contest for the CompTIA Educational Foundation, raising $50,000 to fund IT training and certification for people in need.  And we’re gearing up to hold a second contest in early 2010. From May through July last year, six teams composed of three to five employees each developed their own fundraising techniques in a heated competition to see which team could raise the most money for the Foundation’s Creating Futures ...
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  • Finding the Right Strategy for Selling to Cautious SMBs.

    by Tim Herbert  | December 10, 2009
    I’m a big fan of The Onion. Yes, it sometimes trades in cheap laughs, but more often than not, it delivers clever satirical observations on some aspect of society. As a technology geek and researcher, I find the technology related stories especially brilliant.The recent Onion article New Device Desirable, Old Device Undesirable, deftly captures the conundrum of a constantly changing tech landscape (the article is CE focused, but could just as easily apply to IT).Thanks to a seemingly endless sup ...
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  • Getting Involved with CompTIA

    by Dan Liutikas  | December 10, 2009
    Last week I blogged about our Focus on HealthIT and received a number of responses from you about how you can get more involved with CompTIA and share your input in CompTIA initiatives.It's easy!  Go to and check out the membership tab.  You will find information about our various IT communities, the current focus of each community, upcoming meetings, events, etc.  Choose the one that interests you most and contact the community manager listed for that community.  It's that easy. ...
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  • MSP Games

    by Matt Swanston  | December 08, 2009
    “Shall we play a game?”  asked a young Matthew Broderick’s computer in the 1983 hit movie War Games.  The computer’s creepy synthetic voice and the underlying current of the Cold War conveyed the seriousness of this seemingly innocent question.  Three decades later, CompTIA – the leading IT trade association – is asking the same question.  And while the stakes aren’t as high as global thermonuclear war, to the small business owners wh ...
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  • Now Get Back To Work!

    by Matt Swanston  | December 07, 2009
    Last week, we blogged about our Getting America Back To Work program.  Here is a bit more information on how to get involved if you’re an individual who is interested in pursuing a career in IT.Your first step is to find the nearest One-Stop Career Center to by going to If your One-Stop Career Center is unfamiliar with the Program refer them to to find technical assessment tools, CompTIA certification training ...
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  • Focus on HealthIT

    by Dan Liutikas  | December 05, 2009
    The opportunities for VARs in the HealthIT segment are plentiful and growing.  There is an influx of resources from the federal stimulus package and an intensified focus on building solid infrastructure to support healthcare reform.  These trends represent tremendous opportunities for you if you know how to capitalize on them.In the coming months, we will be writing a series of articles and creating resources, toolkits, research and educational materials to help you better understand the healthc ...
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