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  • John Venator Passes the Torch to Create IT Futures

    by Lisa Fasold  | April 30, 2010
    After 21 years in the IT industry, first as president and CEO of CompTIA and then as president and CEO of the CompTIA Educational Foundation, John Venator retires today. Instrumental in founding the CompTIA Educational Foundation in 1998, Venator led the program to help more than 1,500 military veterans, individuals with disabilities, youth at-risk, women, minorities and dislocated workers launch their careers in IT.Venator passes the leadership torch for the CompTIA Educational Foundation to Ch ...
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  • OE Channel Execs Share Their Vision

    by Matt Swanston  | April 30, 2010
    During CompTIA’s first Annual Member Meeting in Chicago earlier this month, heavy hitters from the IT industry described the current and future opportunities they see from their corner offices.  The panel session entitled “A Word From the Big Guys” was moderated by CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux who guided the panelists through a candid discussion on the economic landscape and where the IT channel is headed.The panel consisted of the following IT industry visionaries:Steve Dallman, VP & GM, Wor ...
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  • Toward Better Assessments: The Confidence Man

    by Rick Bauer  | April 21, 2010
    Last week I had the opportunity to meet with the leaders of a company that you will be hearing more about in the coming years. The company is Knowledge Factor and what they are doing in learning and assessment theory is game-changing.Traditional assessment theory concentrates on a binary mode of responses that boil down to “correct/incorrect.” Since Mrs. Jones’ 2nd grade geography class, that’s been pretty much the way things go in assessment theory. What Knowledge Factor has done is add a diffe ...
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  • Engaging Patients & Families in a Healthcare System for the 21st Century

    by Randy Gross  | April 21, 2010
    A colleague passed on a recent blog post by Eric Dishman at Intel -- "Think Big" as We Engage Patients & Families in a Healthcare System for the 21st Century -- and asked me to write a reaction to it. As background, my youngest child was born in 2006 with a number of acute and chronic conditions. Developmental pediatricians, ENT docs, gastroenterologists, cardiologists, neurologists, plastic surgeons, therapists – all of them had thoughts, directions, and diagnoses. The sub ...
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  • Master MSPs and Network Operations Centers Offer Growth Options

    by Brian Sherman  | April 20, 2010
    When building a managed IT services business, the technology and service options are almost as numerous as the number of MSPs currently in the market. From multiple RMM (remote monitoring and management) software alternatives to an ample supply of online data storage solutions, the possibilities available for MSPs are exponential. When you add email management, IT security, VoIP, and other technology services solutions, it can be very complicated selecting the proper portfolio for your customers ...
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  • Managed Service Best Practice - Target Growth for Profitability

    by Jim Hamilton  | April 20, 2010
    Note: This is the second of eight blog entries in which I examine the 2010 managed services best practices identified in CompTIA MSP Partners’ market research.Nature confirms what we all intuitively understand - living things need time to mature before they become fruitful. None of us plant a seed in the springtime and then stand over it with a fork in hand waiting for dinner. Those of us who have teenagers can also heartily attest to this fact - fruitfulness takes time and is often preceded by ...
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  • Business Strategies and Differentiators, A First Priority

    by Matt Swanston  | April 20, 2010
    During CompTIA’s inaugural Annual Member Meeting, April 7-8 in Chicago, leaders in the security world delved into what it really means to provide security services and how to determine which resellers are qualified to provide them. A panel of experts shared proven approaches to vertical and niche markets and provided insights on partnering with other organizations to deliver a larger suite of security services.Moderator:Larry Walsh, Vice President and Group Publisher, Channel InsiderPanelists:St ...
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  • Optimizing IT Service Opportunities

    by Rich Rysiewicz  | April 19, 2010
    Information Technology (IT) has expanded business capabilities at a rapid pace. When the PC was introduced many years ago now, it came with a promise to increase the productivity of most businesses. The next advancement in technology allowed the networking of PCs, which further enhanced organizational productivity. The third milestone was the introduction of the Internet and its promise of global productivity, which has been proven and achieved.The services component of IT started with simple co ...
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  • CompTIA Annual Member Meeting Town Hall Session: Managed Services Credential

    by Matt Swanston  | April 16, 2010
    The CompTIA Security Trustmark is a key differentiator for its holders, giving those CompTIA members an edge over their competition. Should CompTIA create a similar credential for Managed Services? The answer isn't obvious - issues regarding scope, varying business models and consistent metrics are just some of the challenges - but the potential benefit for MSPs is huge. Join the debate and help define the future!Facilitators:Ted Roller, Vice President Business Development North America, itContr ...
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  • AMM General Session: Why It’s Time to Move to the Clouds

    by Matt Swanston  | April 16, 2010
    Everyone’s talking about cloud computing, but what does it really mean to your customers and for your business. Jeff Kaplan, Managing Director of THINKstrategies and the founder of the SaaS Showplace, explains the meaning of cloud computing; how this concept has gained such widespread attention; why customers are curious about its capabilities; and what IT solution providers need to do to respond and capitalize on this historic shift in the technology industry.Download or listen to the podcast h ...
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