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  • Introduce Young Women to Technology with Revamped Dream IT Career Resource Center

    by Michelle Lange  | December 15, 2016
    Use the fresh content, a new design and improved navigation of the Dream IT Career Resource Center to introduce young women to the opportunities available in technology.
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  • ChannelTrends: How is the Consumerization of IT Impacting Your Business?

    by Brian Sherman  | December 15, 2016
    Are consumer tech products and applications a concern, opportunity or both for the channel? Providers may not have to integrate or support every device someone brings into the workplace or every solution uploaded on a laptop , but they should have a say in how they are used or deployed. The consumerization of IT definitely presents new challenges to solution providers, but those who understand its value to their clients will reap the rewards from delivering additional network, security and support services.
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  • Indirectly Speaking: Brave New World for Vendor-Channel Relationships

    by Carolyn April  | December 14, 2016
    CompTIA’s 6th Annual State of the Channel study found that while 4 in 10 solution providers describe themselves as “very satisfied” with their vendors in the last year – a percentage on par with 2015 – the firms that had some level of dissatisfaction more than doubled. Relationships are not just harder to maintain, they're undergoing dynamic changes.
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  • CompTIA's Top 10 Channel Resources of 2016

    by Brian Sherman  | December 14, 2016
    With the flurry of events, activities and resource introductions in 2016, this is a great point to take a step back and reflect. What were some of the resources CompTIA members valued the most in 2016? With hundreds of research reports, education guides and IT business tools to choose from, it wasn’t easy narrowing it down to a Top 10 list, but we did.
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  • Tips For Small Tech Businesses Looking To Hire More Women

    by Cristina Greysman  | December 14, 2016
    Cristina Greysman, senior director, partner experience, at Sungard Availability Services, shares tips on hiring women in tech.
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  • Evolve Partner Investment Strategy to Fuel Transformation and Growth

    by Mike Haines  | December 12, 2016
    Mike Haines, director of partner incentive strategy at Microsoft, shares his thoughts on working with partners.
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  • ChannelTrends: Is Cloud a Vertical Play?

    by Brian Sherman  | December 07, 2016
    Attendance at a conference won’t build you a new vertical. But it will help providers understand how crucial the cloud is in that process. Or should I say it makes the move to verticalization much easier for many IT services firms, lowering the cost of entry and increasing their solution options. That also reduces the associated risks and gives them a platform to use with similar customers.
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  • ChannelTrends: The Art of Reinvention

    by Brian Sherman  | December 02, 2016
    Change is a necessary component of every business, especially for those in the IT industry. Innovation and complexity require continual transformation today. Those who don’t keep pace may quickly find themselves behind the competition. They may also end up losing that “trusted advisor” and “chief innovation officer” status their customers have anointed them with. So how can IT services providers boost their capabilities and reinvent their businesses for the future?
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  • CompTIA Holds Its Most Successful ANZ Channel Community Meeting to Date

    by Moheb Moses  | November 29, 2016
    CompTIA held its most successful Australia and New Zealand Channel Community meeting to date in Sydney on Wednesday 9 November 2016. The event, which attracted a record number of 110-plus attendees, focused on how the ANZ channel can increase sales in the New Year.
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  • ChannelTrends: It’s Not Easy to Build (and Keep) a Great Business Reputation

    by Brian Sherman  | November 22, 2016
    How important is your company's reputation? A brand with broad customer support is a real differentiator when competing for new business, while a less than stellar record of achievement puts them at a significant disadvantage. Do you understand what it takes to control the narrative when something threatens your message or brand?
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