Four Ways the CompTIA UK Channel Community is Making an Impact

The CompTIA UK Channel Community team facilitates meaningful and valuable encounters that help members in their profession, allowing them to share best practices and make the industry more successful. With that in mind, the team tried to answer the following four questions at its CompTIA UK Channel Community Regional Meeting in Bristol last month.

1. How can we broaden your professional horizons?

We can do this by addressing emerging technology and how it relates to our audience, as well as by giving people food for thought on how much technology has advanced in the last 10 years – from mobile phones now being used to be health monitoring systems to having a Harley-Davidson custom built for you in a matter of hours.

The community helps you keep your finger on the pulse with the latest research on the outlook of the industry and also take a very hard look at how we can all create a more inclusive work environment by addressing our own fears and unconscious biases. The meeting slides are here for you to explore.

2. How can we solve business issues?

We are always looking for ways for the industry to be more secure, with Cyber Essentials workshops run by our members, who are volunteering their time to help others complete the process. We also have an initiative to get 100 of our members certified. We also address GDPR, which is at the top of everyone’s minds right now. Check out the resources we have available for you: UK Channel Community resources and CompTIA Insights and Tools.

3. How can the community collectively help the industry?

In Bristol, we hosted a vendor-distribution roundtable with senior thought-leaders in the industry giving us insight into what we should be focusing on for the future and we also had a member lead unconference discussing issues in the industry. If you would like to get involved reach out to me directly.

4. How can we create great networking opportunities and make them fun?

Networking is a vital part of our industry – to partner, collaborate, learn from each other and make connections is great. When we survey our attendees, networking is always rated tops! Broaden your horizons and your contacts; after all it’s not what you know it’s who you know and making sure those people know what it is that you do!

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